Sedona 10 Day Process

The next 10 day process process is in Sedona between 30.1.2017 – 8.2.2017 

We have chosen to make the next process in Sedona for several reasons, the primary is the already existing spiritual energy in the location, it’s proximity to nature and the time of the year. I personally love Sedona and feel that it is one of the best places to hold this type of consciousness retreat.

There are many that are waiting for the process to take place and if you are interested, I recommend to register now to guarantee your place in the workshop and enjoy the early registration discount. Since there is a full money back guarantee on the registration fee, you stand at loosing nothing but will preserve your place.

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To register, fill out the following online form.

Other processes

Costa Rica – In March 2017

Spain – May 2017

Hawaii – In July 2017

Israel – In February 2017


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The 8 Day Television Experiment


This is the first Breatharian experiment to be successfully acknowledged within western society. As planned, it has triggered a consciousness shift in Israel, encouraging the public to broaden their scope of what our abilities are as humans and question who we are and how our belief system evidently impacts on our experience of reality.

Don’t heristate to contact us for more information.