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Hello, I’m Ray.

I have been living as a breatharian since 2012. My goal is to raise global consciousness and share my knowledge of the breatharian lifestyle. I want to hear from you if you are ready to claim your full potential as a human being.

Next Intermittent Fasting Remote Group )
Location – Online
Time –  May 25’th 2023

Sitting Is Limited
intermittent fasting

Pranic Living Initiation (USA)
Location – Sedona, USA
Time – October 18’th 2023

Sitting Is Limited
Sedona 2017 2 3 scaled

Pranic Living Initiation (Europe)
Location – Malaga, Spain
Time – 2024 Q1

Sitting Is Limited

Pranic Living Initiation (Australia)
Location – Byron Bay \ Queensland
Time – 2024 Q1

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Life-Changing And Unique Opportunities

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We made a survey of Ray’s initiation workshops and the results were incredible:

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Workshop was a life changing event
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Stronger sense of spirituality after the workshop
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Lower stress level after the workshop

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Everything I offer is designed to help us co-create the new Human.”

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