3+1 things to give up TODAY – to raise your vibration


Raising our vibration is an ongoing experience that has
to do with our mental, spiritual, emotional and physical

We cannot work on just one of them. It has to be all of them.
We usually do the things that are easier for us and neglect

If we are mental (logical thinkers), we might end up neglecting
our heart, if we are physical (in good shape), we might neglect
our intellect. This is just how we are built – to use what we
have in our disposal and is easy for us to get!

So in this video, unlike other video’s, I will work on our primitive
animal brain which hears “danger” and focuses on what “not to
do”. I just want to emphasis that in the world of manifestation
we should always find what we do want in our life and focus on
that instead of focusing on what we don’t want.

However, we learn either way. Just notice to which video titles
we are attracted to more and that will also teach you about
the level of consciousness we are currently in right now. This
level can change every day according to our experiences.

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