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Master freedom from food and 
raise your body’s vibration
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if you are ready to “walk around the gate” You will receive my ebook “A Year Without Food” as a gift

    about me

    Hello, I’m Ray.

    I have been living as a breatharian since 2012. My goal is to raise global consciousness and share my knowledge of the breatharian lifestyle. I want to hear from you if you are ready to claim your full potential as a human being.

    Next Intermittent Fasting Remote Group )
    Location – Online
    Time –  May 25’th 2023

    Sitting Is Limited
    intermittent fasting

    Nepal Pranic Cleanse Retreat 
    Location – Nepal
    Time – October 2024

    Seating Is Limited

    Pranic Living Initiation (USA)
    Location – Sedona, USA
    Time – November 9’th 2024

    Seating Is Limited
    Sedona 2017 2 3 scaled

    Pranic Living Initiation (Europe)
    Location – Malaga, Spain
    Time – February 2025

    Seating Is Limited

    Life-Changing And Unique Opportunities

    Signup now for a life-changing and unique opportunity experience pranic living in less than 10 days join a group of friendly like-minded people be supported by a good energy of our team join our pranic living family!

    We made a survey of Ray’s initiation workshops and the results were incredible:

    Workshop was a life changing event
    0 %
    Stronger sense of spirituality after the workshop
    0 %
    Lower stress level after the workshop
    0 %

    What to expect from the workshop?

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    if you are ready to “walk around the gate” You will receive my ebook A Year Without Food as a gift