A Real Body Detox – Enema or Salt Water Flush?

Many subscribers are asking me about enemas and other detox method.

First I have to say – even though it is a subject that not many people bring up it is a very important one and let me explain why.

Simply put: Our digestive system’s job is to break down and absorb nutrients. The colon is the end of that system. Therefor anything that is left there is still partly being absorbed by the body. Pieces of leftover food that tend to stick to the sides of the colon and toxin buildups that can stay there for years are reabsorbed by the body. In other words – we are letting the body reabsorbed toxins that it didn’t manage to take out.

This is why Enema’s and other “backside” cleansing were created.

I give a full explanation about how and why in the video attached.


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