About Ray

Hello my friends !

My name is Ray Maor.

I am a spiritual mentor. I am a guide to total consciousness and self-mastery for those who are called to the Pranic Lifestyle. 

I have been leading a Pranic Lifestyle since 2012. 

I developed the pranic living retreat for the initiation into Pranic Living in order to raise global consciousness about the experience which changed my life. It is my goal to share what I have learned about our incredible potential as human beings.

This means recognizing and shifting the illusion of “reality” as we know it and unlocking the potential of mind over matter.

The pranic living retreat

My pranic living process offers a doorway to all who wish to experience a life-changing pranic shift and elevate themselves to their highest potential.

This doesn’t have to be via Pranic Living or Breatharianism. While on this path, I have learned, and will teach you, different practices and mind expanding exercises.

I have created a unique process that allows individuals to explore their inner mastery and opens their chi energy flow forever.

The process integrates knowledge, experience and very deep cleansing.

The process is sometimes done to change our lifestyle and at other times individuals want to do it just as a once in a lifetime life-changing experience!

Televised Experiment

In 2013 I volunteered to go 8 days without food or water on an investigative television program to prove my methods and determination.

Pranic Living around the World

Currently, there are about 65,000 people around the world that have undertaken a Pranic Living initiation workshop, allowing them to enjoy the world of taste from a completely different perspective – not as a necessity, but as an option.

This process balances our four bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), allowing one a completely new point of view on life as they accept a higher vibration into their physical body.

Today, most Pranic living people reside in countries such as Brazil and India, but are a rare in western society. Saying that, in Australia, there have already been a few hundred people who have successfully undertaken a Pranic Life initiation.

In the US, Israel, the UK and other western countries, this phenomenon  is just starting to catch on. This is due to social conditioning and attachments to western lifestyle, which are constantly reinforced by unnatural work, stress and societal obligations.

The internet is also lacking in honest, factual information on the Pranic Life and the initiation processes. For this reason, I have decided to share what I know with those who are interested in digging a little deeper.


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