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Hi Friend!

My name is Ray Maor and welcome to my website where you will find lots of material about breatharianism, pranic living and spiritual evolution. I am creating so much content and giving it out for free because I want to see the World’s frequency change for better while I am still here. And you, by being on this website now, are helping with that change.

Thank you for that! ♥

My breatharian journey started back in 2012 when I decided to go through 21 day initiation process. Today, I practice Pranic Living lifestyle with eating  only occasionally. Since there is a lot of debate about breatharianism and eating today, I created videos Breatharian FAQ – Part 1 and Breatharian – FAQ Part 2 to answer the most commonly asked questions about what it means to be a breatharian.

I also talk a lot about fasting and detoxing your body and cover topics of self-mastery, happiness and expanding your consciousness for all of you who hear the calling to start Pranic Living lifestyle

Extended introduction video

TV Experiment - Can a human survive for 8 days without food or water?

In 2013 I decided to accept the offer to go on a TV show in Israel and stay for 8 days without food or water to prove my body will not suffer any negative change and that it is possible for a human to survive for 8 days without any solid food or liquid, including water. It was a very fun experiment in which I proved that breatharianism is not only possible but that many health benefits could be associated with it. 

To learn more about what happened at the end of the experiment, you can watch two videos on the right. I will give you a hint, I won a $100k bet for successfully finishing my 8 day dry-fast under a 24/8 medical supervision which showed no health detoriation.

Accepting new bets now…

Ray Maor - 8 days without food or water TV show - Part 1

Ray Maor - 8 days without food or water TV show - Part 2

Pranic Living around the World

Currently, the estimate is that there are more than 65 000 people around the world that went through Pranic Living initiation workshop allowing them to enjoy the taste from a completely different perspective – not as a necessity but as an option.

Today most Pranic Living people reside in countries such as Brazil and India and are a rare in western society. Having said that in Australia there are already a few hundred people who have successfully undertaken a Pranic Living initiation.

In US, Israel, UK and other western countries, breatharianism is only starting to enter people’s awareness. This is due to social conditioning through absence of any topic covering similar practices in mainstream media. Also, the attachments to western lifestyle are constantly reinforced through unnatural work, stress and societal obligations.

This initiation process balances all four bodies – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual allowing you to become more energized, sleep less without being tired, be grounded and connected to your inner self. All this happens after your body enters the state of higher vibration that starts to detox and cleanse all the blockages you have been carrying for a long time. 

The internet is also full of contradictory information about breatharianism, lacking the factual information on Pranic Living lifestyle practitioners and the initiation processes. For this reason, I have decided to share what I know with you, my friend, who are interested in digging a little bit deeper.



My Pranic Living workshop

Living without any solid food for a year allowed me to become aware of the connection between body and mind. After working on myself for such a long period of time I felt that feeling, that motivation that can only come from our hearts, to start teaching other people and help them explore what it means to be a human in a completely new way without being addicted to anything, including food.

My Pranic Living initiation process helps you get to that door of a life-changing pranic nourishment reality. It is up to you to decide if you want to go through and at what pace. There are no rules about being breatharian, only guidelines. That is my job and obligation to you – as your guide, I will point out all the stepping stones you may encounter along the way and help you prepare for challenges that are a normal part of the initiation process.  

Ray Maor standing and talking about breatharianism to the audience at his pranic initiation workshop presentation

Pranic Living workshops are not only about breatharianism. If you are following my YT channel you know that I teach a lot about different practices and mind expanding exercises and hacks. All these teachings are connected in a way – if you become a great at manifesting your own reality, you may also automatically increase your pranic nourishment. The real beauty of the process is that it works the other way around as well – by increasing your pranic intake you will manifest the best reality for yourself more easily. 

It’s a beautiful design that can only be understood by introducing your own body to your self. Guides help facilitate this introduction by creating an energetically safe space and giving the right exercises.

Pranic Living initiation process I teach is unique in a way that it allows individuals to explore their inner mastery and open up their chi energy flow. The process comprises of a very deep cleansing of your body and mind but also practical knowledge how to stay in the state of higher vibration.

If you feel excitement watching my videos and reading my articles, that is your heart saying that you are ready. Ready to experience something that still many haven’t experienced or even accepted as being possible. 


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