Are you a lightworker? – What is a light worker and what are the signs of being one

You may be asking yourself – Am I a lightworker? Or even trying to figure out what type of lightworker are you. In this video I talk about how to become a lightworker and even more importantly – how to realize that you are one. Also, learn how do Acturians, Pleiadians and Lyrans fit in the story


Have you ever felt like you don’t fit here in this society? Do you have the feeling like things here on Earth are not quite how they should be? If yes, this video may be for you..

Many of us have this feeling of being different than most other people and we may not understood exactly why. One thing I can tell you is that, my friend, are not alone!

I too, have struggled for a long time trying to accept that I am a lightworker and have tried to understand what that really means for me. In this video, I share some of my personal experiences.

How to know if you are a lightworker?

Lightworkers have come to Earth to help take planet to the next level of evolution. They are older souls that bring with them ancient wisdom and light. Many of them come to earth and feel confused or lost because Earth is quite different place compared to where they came from. They know, or perhaps it’s better to say – feel, that it is possible to live in a much more peaceful way than what humans are currently experiencing here on Earth.

Lightworkers come from all over the universe and have incarnated here with one common goal – To help raise the frequency of mother Gaia.

Are you here to help raise that frequency?

I know I am.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you’re experiences have been so far



For easy navigation:
0:23 Story of my own childhood
1:24 Old and New souls and raising the vibration
1:36 Discovery of channeling
2:11 Working with lightworkers at my workshops
2:31 Definition of a lightworker – take 1
3:10 Awakening of a lightworker starts with recognizing that you are one
3:48 Definition of a lightworker – take 2
4:01 Acturians, Pleiadians, Lyrans
4:33 Lightworkers are volunteers from ancient civilizations
5:00 Grounding yourself
5:37 Lighterworker’s belief
5:57 Matching the frequency with other people can be difficult
6:52 My personal mission
7:32 Evolving through life and age difference difficulties
8:33 Connection between lightworkers and difficulties connecting with mainstream society
9:30 Lightworkers come from many different professional backgrounds
9:58 My discovery that I am a lightworker
10:41 Judging people never helps anyone
11:15 Channeling is a messaging system from advanced civilizations
13:07 Setting up a guidance for the rest of the planet


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