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If you are watching you have probably noticed how attached you may be to food. Perhaps you’ve already realized that your relationship with food is unhealthy. Not only are you not alone – everyone has emotional needs to are expressed through bad habits. Everyone!
“Emotional eating is something most have experienced at one time or another. Whether it’s stress, sadness, or boredom – our emotions can significantly influence our eating habits. But fear not, there are practical strategies to help you manage emotional eating and cultivate a healthier connection with food. You can also take up dry fasting or try breatharian techniques!

Before we delve into the solutions, it’s essential to understand WHAT emotional eating is. Emotional eating occurs when we turn to food not out of physical hunger, but to cope with mishandled feelings. It can be triggered by negative feeling like stress, sadness or anxiety, but for some by positive feelings like joy.

Recognizing emotional eating is the FIRST STEP towards addressing it and building a healthier relationship with it. It’s perfectly normal to have feelings, and it’s essential to acknowledge and process them in a healthy manner. Food, however, isn’t a long-term solution. It’s usually a short term bandage.

Also – don’t try to break down your negative habits, instead try to build new positive habits that will eventually overrun the old ones.

Enjoy the video.

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