FAQs about Breatharian lifestyle

Some of the most common questions asked about breatharianism are:

  • Is breatharianism possible?
  • How will it affect my body?
  • What about eating food and will it compromise my digestive system?
  • What is Prana and Pranic nourishment?
  • How to start being a breatharian?

I have been asked all these questions so many times that I decided to answer them here for easy referencing. I also included two of my YouTube videos that will answer even more question that you may have.

If even after reading and watching everything you still have a question, you can join my Facebook Page and ask a question there or even send me a PM and I will try to reply back. You can find more videos covering various topic HERE

The Pranic Family is growing every day and the knowledge about living as a breatharian is available to all of us now. We encourage and support curiosity on the topic because believe this will lead to the evolution of the planet in the end.

Let's start with a mandatory group in every conversation

How to become a breatharian?

There are several of Breatharian Initiation Processes known to us today. Some run the course of a few years, while others last just a few days.

The 21 Day Process – The first in the world, many people have already experienced it; It is considered to be very challenging due to the isolation and week-long dry fast.

The 8 Day Process – Created by Akai a few years ago and offered a number of times each year; It is much easier than the 21 Day Process.

The 10 Day Process – Created by Ray and Yaron who passed the prior two processes, researched the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, surveyed many others who passed transformation processes and created this process from the data they amounted.

It includes within it lots of information and practices which are intended to strengthen the Pranic Energy so as to do much more than nourish the physical body.

Everyone can pass this process and live this healthy lifestyle on the condition that they believe they can. There are no restrictions of age, state of spiritual advancement, or other parameters.

What spiritual practices can help develop the light-body?

There are many things which may raise our levels of awareness on the topic of the light-body. It’s important to note that there is nothing that replaces the energetic transformation process and one cannot simply stop eating. There are many possible practices in order to experience the body’s cleansing, the wonderful feeling of lightness, and the constant connection to our Higher Self:

  1. Practice water fasting for two weeks. It is best to practice things on a specific day of the week and once a week. If done once every two weeks, most begin to compromise intentions and to forget since the interims are too long.
  2. Take notice of the “feeling of hunger / thirst.” Recognize that these are only feelings just as feeling hot / cold, or pleasant / not pleasant are simply feelings. Begin playing and experimenting with not being afraid, immediately satisfying ourselves and being a slave to these feelings. Understand deeply that these feelings are under our control and they do not control us.
  3. Practice gratitude before eating/ drinking. The quality of water in the drink/ food will rise. This is the main reason that in various religions one blesses before one eats. We may add to this eating slowly/ mindfully.
  4. Try not to be swayed by society. Today, most people eat much more than they need to, what more, diets that aren’t healthy for us. We need to be mindful of the constant influence of society on social standards that surround us and on their effects on us. Let’s be the best we can be and compare ourselves to our best potential self. If the people around us eat a lot, or unhealthily, that does not mean that we need to participate.

Does a Breatharian entirely give up eating?

Firstly we must understand that the deep purpose of being a Breatharian is to rid ourselves of dependency from food, not to prove that we don’t want to taste and enjoy things.

Most Breatharians choose to remain in the world of tastes in a minimized manner and thereby enjoy the benefits of both worlds.

Each person chooses their game; some people eat a meal once or twice a week, some eat something small each day, and some live without any set rules but rather acting from a place of intuition and communication with their bodies. The game here is living in absolute knowledge that you are able to receive all of your nourishment from the Prana, and that you choose to relate with food in a way that suits you.

It is additionally important to note that it is recommended to remain with a diet of liquids for a specified time after the Breatharian Initiation Process. This is in order to strengthen both the understanding as well as the physical energy in the body.

That being said, there are some people (rare) that decide to completely give up food or taste.

How many calories do you consume?

It can be said that on average a Breatharian consumes 20% of the caloric intake they consumed prior. With that, the question of caloric intake does not faithfully serve the purpose, and not only in this context. When one studies nutrition in depth, one finds that calories are just the tip of the iceberg, and that focusing on them does not really provide an efficient means of evaluating one’s nutrition. For example, according to the caloric method there is no difference between white cheese and an apple in considering the fact that they have the same number of calories.

This ignores the fact that milk creates a higher acidity(pH) in the body which allows for the development of bacteria. It also causes mucus and doesn’t digest well for most people. Therefore, although the cheese may indeed supply the number of calories written on the packaging, the body will need to use a lot more energy in order to process all of the other substances that entered the body along with the cheese. Contrastingly, an apple has no toxins whatsoever; it has vitamins and minerals, dietary fibers, antioxidants, and a range of other ingredients beneficial to the body, and which do not demand a high usage of energy in digestion. Because of this, it is more correct to focus on the quality of the calories than the on the quantity alone, while it is obviously best to address them both.

The Breatharian lifestyle presents an ideal solution for one who is interested in a perfect nutritional lifestyle. By ridding ourselves of the experience of hunger, there follows no need to eat simply in order to satisfy the hunger. There is therefore absolutely no need to compromise when it comes to eating food nor is there a reason for large amounts of food. Actually, most Breatharians choose to consume smaller amounts of food; In the beginning, mainly liquids are enjoyed in order to allow the mind time to acclimate to the new situation of eating not out of hunger and not regularly. Later on, they will incorporate solid foods according to their choice.

So, the Breatharian essentially blends his or her food?

Absolutely not. There are a number of way to guarantee that the experience of non-hunger remains for a long time following the process.

One of them is consuming only liquids, which is appropriate largely for those who want to prove to themselves that they have overcome the habit of eating. Therefore, in the adaptation period which covers on average two months, the Breatharian will choose to consume only in liquid form and will avoid solid food.

Once one has proven to his or herself that one has passed the challenge, one may enjoy eating from time to time while remaining free from the experience of hunger. Another way to preserve the lack of hunger is by consuming only fruits and vegetables in their original form; what is otherwise known as “raw food.”

This path is more appropriate for those who are in touch with their bodies and find it important to know that their bodies are working properly and are not under unnecessary stress from dealing with toxins. After the acclimation period there follows the opportunity to consume various types of food, and each person decides upon the balance that suits him/her.

Why be a Breatharian?

Please find many reasons listed here.

How often does a Breatharian make excretions?

This is a very popular question, and the answer is that it’s very individual for every Breatharian. It depends on how much the person chooses to consume as well as the quality of food consumed. Also, the higher the quality of food, it follows that the experience of excretions is more pleasant. They usually vary between 2-4 days on average (resulting in usage of significantly less toilet paper…)

How long does it take for the body to gain back lost weight?

From what we have seen until now, participants in transformation processes that include breath-work stabilize their weight quite fast, reach their ideal weight and remain there.

This is in contrast with what we have found in those that participate in the 21 day process. The majority of the latter experience a period of either great or light thinness and a period of adjustment in which one’s weight rises to ideal weight.

Does being a Breatharian have an effect on the amount of energy I have?

I can only speak from my personal experience. In the immediate period following my transformation process my energy was not yet high (took a few weeks). Now I can say that I feel balanced and some days I have much more energy than I did before. Also, there are no after-meal dips in energy therefore you stay in a constant state of energetic stability.

When I awake in the morning, I awake immediately and totally alert. If I am in nature, I have significantly more energy than I had had before the process as well as an accompanying feeling of euphoria. All in all, I lead a totally normal life; I exercise, travel and do anything I want to do.

There is a need for an adaptation period after the process which ranges from a few days to a few months and varies from one person to the next, in order to regain one’s previous amount of energy, and even more… So prepare yourselves for the journey.

Why aren’t there any scientific studies proving that Breatharians are for real?

There are a number of studies that have been completed. See the videos section. Scientific studies have indeed been carried out, but none of them have gotten the full spotlight exposure as of yet.

Additionally, there is a connection between various studies in various places in which there were agreements between the investigators and the investigated that if the experiment succeeds, then the findings will be published for the world to see, and if not, the whole concept will be presented as a lie.

Nearly every time, the study succeeded. However, because the findings so intensely shake the foundations of the scientific and medical establishments, the studies were covered up and the agreements not respected. This is because none of the scientific bodies wanted to be the one’s to bring such a great and epic message and thereby themselves be exposed to opposition, criticism and ridicule.

With that, there is now the study that was carried out on me in cooperation with Amnon Levy’s television program which proved the concept beyond any doubt and opened many people to this possibility. It is quite comprehensive and includes two expert doctors, blood & blood pressure tests and more.

How is all this possible according to science?

It is currently not supported by our science. Since science denies non-material phenomena, there are therefore no scientific explanations for many spiritual phenomena.

For example, healing via intention and the transfer of energy (considered a placebo effect) although there are many, many accounts of people who experienced significant healing. There are a number of independent research centers in the world that are researching like phenomena.

There is even one researcher who himself underwent a transformation process and researched himself. A link to his video can be found in the videos section, however, each time these findings were brought to mainstream scientists they were met with resistance.

At present, this information is spiritual and intuitive information which certain people can easily understand and accept, while others struggle in each and every way with the very possibility of its existence. This is because it stands in contradiction to the logic which education and social standards have bestowed to us.

There is no known way to measure the percentages of Prana in a person, but one may notice that when a person is especially satisfied (like at the start of one’s falling in love,) he or she will automatically eat less. This shows us that there is a strong link between eating and emotions and that consciousness and its states are directly connected with the amounts of food that we consume (and also with the quality and type of food).

When we are happy or take a nature hike (and in many other various positive situations,) our percentages of Prana rise and we feel less of a need to eat.

Why haven’t I heard about Pranic Living before?

Until today and around the world the topic of Prana remains fairly unknown to most people. Why?

  1. Most Breatharians are by nature people of spirit who will sometimes prefer to speak less about it with others. This is especially due to the inherent need to then confront various reactions which can be dramatic, cynical, offensive, etc.
  2. Lack of scientific collaboration
  3. Lack of cooperation with the media as to presenting this lifestyle
  4. People’s lack of acceptance, understanding and faith in such. If my friend is Breatharian and I tell another friend about it, the second friend’s skepticism can keep him from believing me. This is because the second friend did not see or speak to the Breatharian friend him or her self and it becomes a matter of “a friend of a friend.” One who is attached to conventional ways of thinking will find it hard to believe in it.

What happens to the digestive system?

If we considered the internal organs of the digestive system likened to the filters of a car, we realize that the more we ride the car, consequently the filters and the engine will wear out faster. The less we drive it, the more it is considered ‘novel’ and its second-hand price will be greater.

So naturally, the more we use our internal systems, the higher the chances of erosion and ultimately developing some sort of future issue. The blood tests and surgery following the death of a mature Breatharian woman demonstrate that the internal systems stay at a much healthier and younger state than those found in other people.

Lastly, irregular and minimized eating/drinking will still revitalize the digestive system and make use of it – albeit an unintensive and more pleasant usage.

What’s the difference between Breatharians and those who deny themselves food for other reasons – not necessarily health ones?

There are significant differences between the Breatharians and people who deny themselves food for the wrong reasons such as the diseased bulimics or those carrying out a food strike.

Breatharians do not need food and thereby do not feel hunger nor reach the state of starvation. This is not a matter of a type of fasting, rather a choice of alternative lifestyle. The main reason why Breatharians  will not intake many calories into their bodies is that they feel no need for such. Another thing I mentioned in a few places is that Breatharians do not need to balance what they drink.

The Pranic energy will already do this for them, just like a plant that knows exactly how much sun it needs to receive. With that, each thing has its frequency and all in all it is recommended to consume healthier and “happier” things which are of a higher frequency.

This holds true for every person while at present each and every one uniquely chooses one’s lifestyle and consumption practices.

What about female Breatharians?

Female Breatharians  obviously exist. There are also Breatharian couples who bring children to the world who will then still nurse their mother’s milk. (They don’t become Breatharians themselves… this is a matter of consciousness which one can reach only at a certain age that allows for the strong will-power and inner understandings that lead up to it.)

When a baby is born, it is extremely influenced by the people and things in its surroundings and by the moods and thoughts of the society of that era. According to our understanding, this is a temporary state which can change in the future once Prana becomes a more accepted and regular thing among us.

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