Ray Maor proves Breatharianism in Televised Experiment

Ray Maor proves Breatharianism in Televised Experiment

In late September of 2013 I was invited to go on a well-known Israeli investigative reporting show. Their researchers had found me while researching alternative nourishment methods and watched a few of my online lectures.

At the time, I had an inner knowing that I would soon expose myself and breatharianism in the public media for the world to see.

There were only two “serious” breatharians in Israel at the time, myself and my guide. My guide was extremely spiritual, and exposing this delicate subject to the mainstream required a man who is somewhere between the spiritual world and the scientific world.

I was a perfect candidate for the job. Under normal social standards I was considered as “normal” as one can be. Therefore, the inner objections people would have had towards breatharianism would not be about my abnormality, and those who would be exposed to the subject would have to search within for their own understanding and answers.

For my part, I felt it was a great responsibility and a great honor to be the one to represent breatharianism publicly, especially due to many previous misunderstandings.

I recommend watching it to understand a little more about the common social prejudices surrounding breatharianism, and to witness people’s surprise and amazement with the pranic  lifestyle.

Breatharianism Demonstration - Part 1

This is the first public proof of breatharianism to be successfully acknowledged within western society.

As planned, it has triggered a consciousness shift in Israel, encouraging the public to broaden their scope of what our abilities are as humans, to question who we are and how our belief system evidently impacts on our experience of reality.

The purpose of this public demonstration of breatharianism for me was to show that we, as light beings, have the ability to be sustained by Pranic Energy. Today, I consume a few hundred calories a day solely for the pleasure of the taste.

I no longer need food to sustain me.

The experiment was a great success as it challenged the skeptical doctor’s beliefs who were shocked to find that my blood levels didn’t change beyond the normal range throughout the 8 days I was under surveillance.

Furthermore, throughout the experiment I was able to maintain a positive energetic attitude all the way to the end.

Breatharianism Demonstration - Part 2
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You can read more about my televised breatharianism experiment in chapter 6 of my book “A Year Without Food"


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