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S2 Exercise 4 – 40 Things To Be Grateful For

Exercising our gratefulness as an emotional vibration to bring more reasons to be grateful for.

S2 Exercise 3 – Practicing the 7 step system

This is an exercise of the system that has been taught in the previous lecture.

S2 Lecture 13 – Another Method of Looking at Manifestation

To be a truly good teacher, Ray gives several different methods and techniques so that each individual will eventually connects to whatever system suits him the best. Another method of looking at manifestation has to do with nature’s basic rules of attraction and repulsion. Using it is much more effortless and is used more by […]

S2 Lecture 12 – Being in the Knowingess – Surrender, No More I’ll Try’s

In this lecture Ray goes on to explain what the difference is between to know something and to believe something. Once you understand the difference you can also understand why sometimes you don’t really believe in yourself.

S2 Lecture 11 – Letting go of the result

One of the biggest obstacles is the part where we forget to let go and continuously struggle while comparing the result we wanted in life with the reality we still don’t have. In this lecture Ray goes into WHY we need to let go so much and gives great examples to go with it.

S2 Section 9 – What will we learn in this section

An introduction to the new section where we will begin diving in to actual practical tools and methods of manifestation.

S2 Lecture 1 – The 7 step system for perfect manifestations

In this lecture we go into a complete breakdown of the things we need to do in order to manifest using the 7 step system. The system was developed to make it easier for mental projections to distinguish each step by its own so we can easily identify the different parts that build the whole […]

S1 Lecture 7 – Understanding attraction by vibrations and frequencies

This lecture is used as a base where Ray explains what it means to be in a higher vibration and it’s connection to our manifestation energy. This lecture is metaphysical in nature and is a key stone in understanding many key issues that have to do with our personal development and achieving our goals.

S1 Lecture 3 – Why didn’t it work for you so far

In this lecture you will understand the basic reasons why the law of attraction doesn’t work for most people. Why the “flow of life” wins and other reasons. This lecture is the base for an entire section.