Coronavirus – Dr. Bruce Lipton’s Opinion Summary (Biology and Genetics expert)

Hey friends, as I am also quarantined at home with plenty of time I want
to highlight some important point taken from Dr. Bruce Lipton’s new
Corona Video of Biology and Genetics expert:
  1. A virus itself is not a living thing, it is information. The virus acts like
    computer memory card with information stored on it the body is like
    the computer. Once the memory card is connected to the computer; it
    can transmit the information and infect the computer.
  2. The corona is like the common flu virus that appears every winter.
    It needs a temperature lower than the body temperature to exist.
    That’s why flu is spreading during the winter.
  3. The difference between the flu and corona is that the corona virus is
    a mutated influenza virus. Most people’s immune systems have a
    memory of how to deal with the common flu virus. Because the corona
    is a mutated influenza virus and is still unknown to the human body,
    the immune system needs to get familiar with it in order to have
    information about how to deal with it.
  4. People with a normal immune system will have hardly any symptoms.
    People with an immune system that in not in optimal condition will be
    at a higher risk.
  5. Corona virus can be treated like any respiratory virus. The reason for
    social remoteness and quarantine at home is because the world’s health
    systems are not able to deal with large numbers of people who need
    respiratory treatment at one time, so social remoteness and stay in
    homes are a necessary procedure depending on the situation.
  6. What should scare us most about Corona is the fear itself. The media
    dispels fear and panic with headlines that cause people to be in a state
    of ongoing fear throughout the day that activates their fight and flight
    system and releases stress hormones into their bloodstream.
In a state of fear or anxiety, for the body it’s as if it is fleeing from a tiger.
When the body needs to escape from a tiger it prioritizes its system to escape
while not taking care of anything else. When the Fight and Flight system is
in action (when we are under stress), the immune system is significantly less
The logic body’s logic is that it first needs to run away to safely from the tiger
and only then have time to deal with the virus, which is less urgent.
Because people are in a state of fear, and the media make everyone are panic,
the immune system of healthy adherents that can cope well with the corona
in a state of tranquility doesn’t work optimally…
So instead of developing the symptoms, or easily healing at home, they need
the medical attention from the most busy medical systems of the time. While
the system is handling tens of thousands of patients.
  1. What is best to do against the Corona?
Maintain a healthy and strong immune system:
First of all relax and don’t be afraid. Avoid being exposed to the media’s or
other peoples panic. We need to stay as calm and optimistic as possible
and broadcast it to the environment so we can support others as well.
Beyond that, he recommends a good and healthy diet. Vitamins (especially
Vitamin C), exercise. Smile, laugh. Everything that you can do to maintain
your health and a strong immune system like mild exercise and eating
fresh fruits and vegetables.
When you are not in any sort of stress, worry, fear, anxiety – your immune
system will works optimally.
One of the most important things we need to do about the Corona, besides
social remoteness and maintaining hygiene, is to just relax.

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