Ecuador – Jan. 2018

Join this once in a lifetime unique experience that will bring you the highest degree of detox, anti-aging, maximum health benefits, lots of free time, will open your energy centers, increase your happiness & awareness levels and so much more!

5% of proceeds go to our partner charity “FREE A GIRL“

free a girl ray maorRay has decided to donate 5% of the revenue of this event to freeing young girls from prostitution and prosecuting the offenders. By signing up to this event you will be saving 2 young girls!

WOULD YOU LIKE TO be FREE of the dependency of food cravings and hunger or worrying about your health and what is good for you as the ‘experts’ keep changing their minds. KNOW that your body is functioning at its maximum potential. Be the perfect size and weight for your body, as you were designed to be originally. Have MORE energy and vitality with better quality of sleep and more time. KNOW that you can experience whatever is calling you without the fear of getting it wrong. Live much longer (Life extension). KNOW you can be healthier and more energetic. KNOW you can achieve freedom in anything you set your mind to.

Ray Maor portrait
Taught by Breatharian master Ray Maor

Ray discovered the Breatharian lifestyle in the year 2012 and jumped right in. Since then Ray is considered to be an inspirational guide and a representative of this lifestyle in the western world.

Recognizing the difficulties this lifestyle carries in the west, Ray has created the 10 day process in order to bring the experience of breatharianism to modern societies. He is the primary guide for every initiation workshop.

Do you feel a calling for a deeper life experience?

A call for spiritual development or simply MORE?

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Recommendations & Suggestions before the process

  1. Leave the process to the process (*You know what I mean…). No need to over think it, just be excited and stay in the present moment. Once you really decide to do it, you might feel some changes in your life begin to happen.
  2. Read & learn about other breatharians so your sub-conscious will get in the habit and the belief system will begin to shift
  3. You can begin practicing a little by a weekly water fast – this is more of a mental & social preparation as you will see that it will become real easy for you. It is mostly to how we respond to our friend, colleagues and other people when we tell them we are fasting and building cooping mechanisms to saying no occasionally.
  4. Start being more aware of the 4 body system and the balance. Physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. We will be working on balancing all four.
  5. Personal suggestion – don’t start talking about it with everyone, as some people are simply not yet ready to handle it. We have 2 unique workshops about integration just for that.

What to expect after the 10 day process

  1. Caloric intake – On average participants reduce their caloric intake by 80%. Some more and some less, depending on the personal decision of the individual.
  2. Freedom – Participant receive the gift of independence – Being independent of food is one of the main reasons people decide to go through the process.
  3. Save money – The process itself returns its investment after just a few weeks or months. After that time your food expense savings become huge. And of course these savings continue as food bills become insignificant, leaving more money available for amazing experiences, securing a home etc.
  4. Reduce sleeping time – On average the participant will sleep around two thirds of their previous sleeping time leaving more quality time that may previously have been lacking in their life. On average each participant has 4 to 5 hours free every day. The combination of less sleep and time on food related issues such as shopping, cooking, washing dishes etc’. means these hours can be used to do whatever you like… Work, meditate, yoga… Who can say no to more free time?
  5. Clarity of thought and happiness – After the body cleanse itself, for the first time, after a lifetime of toxic build-up, there is a feeling of lightness and clarity of thought. The opposite is true when just after lunchtime it is very hard for most people to focus. When we allow the body to stay clean for a prolonged period of time, thoughts become clear and a feeling of connection and awareness becomes powerful. The clean Consciousness helps the heart to expand.
  6. Physical healing – Some of the participants go through different physical healing during the process. However, It is highly individual.
  7. More stamina, more energy, extra cold heat resistance (happens to some of the participants) – all the energy that was once used by the body to digest is now utilized elsewhere.
  8. More confidence – The Process has been formulated in such a way that it takes each participant through interesting and powerful inner processes designed to highlight and break/eliminate any personal limitations. The participant finds out that he has a very strong inner strength and lots of positive qualities. This helps them to break any social paradigms and become extremely confident in their inner mastery.
  9. A cessation of the feeling of hunger or thirst. If hunger does arise, then it is an indication that a negative emotion may be the cause and so helps it to be identified and resolved.
  10. An ideal body weight – after the process those that persist reach an ideal body weight.

Every day in the process

Every morning we meet for a short and easy physical exercise using ancient routines followed by specific breathing exercises and a guided meditation. These are all chosen for their special ability to support and strengthen the mind, body and spirit through the process and post process.

During noon time we have different workshops.

Every afternoon the group meets once again for breathing exercises and guided meditations.

In between workshops/sessions there remains a lot of free time to allow the participants to experience and understand the evolving Self through this very special spiritual process.

Every night there is a sharing circle and some nights we have other group activities, workshops / classes / films.

There will be one day of Vipassana and you will learn a unique Karma Cleansing Exercise.



  1. Manifestation workshop (in two parts) – For a sample view this video from Ray’s lecture in Norway
  2. Basic channeling workshop
  3. A single day of Vipassana
  4. Unique Karmatic cleansing exercise
  5. Pranic energy workshop
  6. Integration with the outside world (two parts) – helps the participants understand how to explain themselves to the world and how to integrate the outside world with their new deeper truth. View the complete workshop on YouTube.


The monitored gradual fast is as follows

  • A week before the Process the participants are asked to begin a raw food diet, this helps during the deep detox process.
  • On the first day of the Process we only eat fruits.
  • On the second day just drink juice.
  • The third day we only drink water.
  • Then we go on almost 4 days of dry fasting.
  • For the last days we only drink diluted juices.

Have no fear with regards to the dry fasting. Even though it is completely normal to have some fear, please understand that this is because we have been conditioned to believe that we cannot live without water for more than 3 days.  There are very logical reasons for the 4 days of dry fasting, which will be fully explained during the Process. It is generally a very happy surprise when participants find it easier than they initially expected.


Breatharian Life FAQ Breatharian Documentary Trailer
breatharian life faq pranic living documentary

Are you looking to expand your awareness?


Madre Tierra Resort & Spa is situated in Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

Vilcabamba rests at 5000 ft elevation in the Andes mountains of Ecuador, about 5° south of the equator.  The climate is as good as it gets, and is commonly referred to as “eternal spring”. It is known as the “Valley of Longevity”, and the “playground of the Incas”, where Incan royalty would go for rejuvenating retreats.

This theme carries forward to present times, it is a healthy environment that energetically supports self development, spiritual awakening & permaculture values. Vilcabamba is on the edge of Podocarpus National Park, where stunning vistas, wilderness hiking & horseback trail riding adventures await. 

Madre Tierra Resort & Spa features artistic architecture that utilizes natural building materials such as adobe, rock, and rustic wood construction. Its grounds are lush gardens of tropical planting, and its vistas are breathtaking views of andean peaks.

Travel Arrangements

The initiation workshop will take place between the 21st and the 31st of January, 2018.

Please arrive at Madre Tierra Resort & Spa by noon (12:00pm) local time. The first meeting begins at 14:00 on the 21st.

We end the retreat at 14:00 on the 31st. If you wish to come a day early or wish to stay longer, please let us know in advance.

Nearby airports and other transport options:

Your international flight will arrive in either Quito or Guayaquil. The Quito airport is brand new and flight connections are better. There are several daily nonstop flights from cities from the U.S., South America and Europe.

Direct flights to Quito:

  • New York City – Jet Blue, TAME, Delta
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Jet Blue, TAME, Delta
  • Houston Texas – United Airlines
  • Amsterdam – KLM airlines
  • Frankfurt – Lufthansa

From Quito, book a domestic flight to our closest city Loja (LOH).  The flights from Quito to Loja are on comfortable jets operated by Tame Airlines.

Many travelers choose to overnight in Quito. You may contact the event organizer (use the form bellow) for a hotel recommendations near the Quito airport.  Prices for hotels and taxis are reasonable.

When  you’ve purchased  your  domestic  air  tickets,  contact the event organizer and he’ll arrange a taxi to pick you up at Loja airport for the ninety minute scenic ride through  the Andean foothills.

The taxi cost is $40 USD. Often several of the participants will arrive on the same flight, in which case the taxi cost is divided among the group. The driver will be holding a Vilcabamba sign.

Event Organiser Contact

If you have any questions about this workshop, or if you would like assistance with the logistic of your arrival, please contact the event organizer: Phil

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Pools, conference facility, dining area, spa, wifi, hammocks, tropical gardens with walking paths, breathtaking vistas are available for use of guests. Spa treatments will be available during the program at additional cost.

Mountain biking, horse trail riding, hiking, and sightseeing are among the popular recreation activities in Vilcabamba .

Late Registration
Deluxe Private Room (None left) $2,200
Basic Private Room / (None Left) $1,800
Shared Room $1,400
  • To reserve your spot, you will pay a 320$ refundable registration fee (up to 2 weeks before the process)
  • Prices listed in USD
  • Prices are all inclusive except transportation

LOW BUDGET PROGRAM: Cost $700 for eligible candidates. Apply for the Low Budget Program




* “Normal people with normal jobs can have healthy looking bodies“.
* “Clarity of vision, more focused, more love, can manifest more things in your life”
* “I flew all the way from Australia to come to Holland and do the process“.
* “I feel more clean; more liberated”.
* “Ray explained it in such a normal, scientific, spiritual and emotional way… he also integrated manifestation into it!“.


* “I was very excited to feel how it will be to be without any water for 4 days”
* “I’m still amazed that I have so much energy in my body even without food”
* “Lots of workshops – visualization techniques, pranayama, manifestation – everything that will help us in our process and make it easier.”
* “This place has been like a bubble of high vibration”.


* “There are so many surprises in this process, thank you for bringing it to my country“
* “I experience spirit much more”
* “I felt so pure when I was with myself in moments of connecting to spirit and to my tranquility“


* “Tonight I had 4 or 5 hours of sleep and I don’t feel tired.”
* “The biggest benefit is that it has given me more creative freedom.”
* “It is so much more than ‘eating’ or not eating.”
* “Becoming the empowered creator of your life and awakening into who you are.”

Do you wish to discover who you really are?

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