In retreats you get an opportunity to withdraw from your regular life, pulling in all the energy that’s otherwise fanned out and thinned out in multiple directions. You also step out of your structured scheduled day-to-day and step into space and time, space-time. Not to mention that you meet other like-minded people in the same position

Pranic initiation workshop - Integration back into society

Ray Maor

RAY MAOR’S breatharian journey started back in 2012 when he decided to go through 21 day initiation process. Today, he practices Pranic Living lifestyle with eating only occasionally. He also talks a lot about fasting and detoxing your body and covers topics of self-mastery, happiness and expanding your consciousness for everyone who hears the calling to start Pranic Living lifestyle

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MOOJI is a spiritual teacher originally from Jamaica. Mooji is a disciple of Papaji, a devotee of the advaita and non-dual master Ramana Maharshi. Mooji shares self-inquiry, directing his students to the non-dual Self by encouraging them to question who or what they are at the deepest level.

Mooji’s website

Mooji’s YouTube channel

Alto Paraiso - Brazil

Situated on the biggest source of crystal in the world with 300+ waterfalls around the area (lots of mosquitoes) & self sustaining communities

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Joe Dispenza

During this course, Dr. Joe will deliver new teachings, share case studies and examples, teach you how to recondition your body to a new mind, and show you how to liberate energy stored in your body in the form of self-limiting thoughts, unconscious habits, and memorized emotions.

Progressive workshop


Rythmia Life Advancement Center is a medically licensed life transformation center situated in Guanacaste Costa Rica, our areas of focus are, drug and alcohol addiction, general health and wellness and spiritual development.

Rhytmia website

Robert Monroe

Robert Monroe was a successful and distinguished business executive, dedicated family man, and noted pioneer in the investigation of human consciousness. He invented the Hemi-Sync® audio technology and founded The Monroe Institute®, a global organization dedicated to expanding the uses and understanding of consciousness.

Monroe Institute website

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