Women Are The Future of Humanity

Hi, my name is Ray Maor and today I would like to talk to you about why women are our future.

I know it’s coming from a guy and it’s kind of weird to hear, but this is the difference in the energy that the earth is now receiving.The men’s stage – the last 2000 years, that has brought us war and corruption, money and religion, and a lot of things that are terrorizing the planet and bringing a lot of fear – is now kind of over.

In the last few years you probably noticed many many changes. One of those changes is our grasp of time. The feminine energy is beginning to come towards the planet. It has been pouring in since 2012, since the big shift of energy.

And that also means that time is hastening, meaning time is coming much faster. You have probably noticed that the months, the weeks, the days, they travel much faster than they did when we were younger. And the present moment is much thicker.

We don’t even notice, we don’t even understand it. We don’t even remember what we did yesterday and suddenly the feminine energy is here. You’re much more open to a variety of flavors in your emotions – negative or positive – because the feminine energy and womanhood, feminine-hood want you to experience the whole thing.

Now, muscular energy wants you to fear it, not admitted, and that is what we have on our planet right now. There are many men that are just not in sync with their emotions. They don’t want to cry in public. They don’t want to talk about it. They go back into their cave when they get insulted. They don’t talk about it with other guys. They always say that, you know, men with other men, they don’t ever talk more than 2 sentences about a subject.

The world we’re seeing now is again bonding between the two sexes. Men that are more conscious, that work on themselves, that become more spiritual, they come in a higher vibration, they become more feminine, more patient, more tolerant, more emotional, more expressive.

And women, exactly the same. Instead of having their emotional up and down, or not having them “under control” like men usually do, the women become more logical. Eventually, the two conscious people become one like we were before. Before we had the big split, you can say, it was millions of years ago, when we decided to experience the human experience.

So the future is actually in the feminine. And we can notice that there are different countries that are becoming much more feminine. The scandinavian countries, for example. And there are countries that are quite the opposite. The Arab countries, Japan, Israel, United States that are still masculine, but are transforming.

We can see more variety of color, more connection to nature. More people become vegetarians or vegans in the world. You can see higher statistics, less people smoking, more tolerance toward nature, and that also means more collaboration with nature, working on making the planet together in a higher state of being, working with Gaia, the spirit of the planet.

But what does it mean that women are our future?

It means that literally we should give women more options. We should pay them more money. We should give them longer paid time off.

And we shouldn’t try to fight this change because women ARE our future. Women are our mothers, our sisters or girlfriends.

Women, you already know that you are the future. Maybe it’s hard for you to see now because for hundreds of years men have mistreated you, not giving you the equal rights that you are supposed to have from the beginning.

This message is not only for women. This message is also for men.

Become more connected with your spiritual aspect of the woman. Connect with your feminine energy and be ok with it. Remove or lower or decrease your macho ego.

Like what I try to do and what I’m working on for many many years because it gives you a completely different perspective on life. And you will be more united, you will be more powerful than you ever were before if you open your heart.

There are different exercises. You can search on my video channel on how to open your heart chakra.

It’s consciousness work, connecting with your feminine energy. Even exercising to be less stiff in your walk, less stiff in the way you talk, more humble in some way. And again, this is very stereotypical for women and men. But just try to think about the feminine characteristics. That women are a little bit more soft with each other. That they are a little bit more emotional with each other.

If you try to resist it, if you try to withhold the change within you, you will feel great resistance. Because the energy change is like the change of seasons. It becomes spring or summer and you are still walking around with your thick winter clothes.

And right now, there’s a wave of change. And it’s easier for you to go with that change. Accept that side of you, accept that there is a feminine side inside of you, accept the whole tree and variations of human emotions that men usually don’t feel or they feel more indifferent about things.

Accept the fact that right now there’s a wave there is a season change. It’s like it’s becoming summer and you’re still wearing your winter clothes instead of just letting them go and accepting that this is the way it is.

Time has changed. The energy has changed. And right now we’re beginning a huge season of feminine energy, of tolerance, of patience, of acceptance, of understanding, of talking and conversing, of a higher consciousness level.

Because women are more spiritual. Women are more developed than men are. And men are the past. Men is what used to be. Men is what used to rule the world. And now it’s time for a complete equality and acceptance.

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