Fully Supported LIVE Online Breatharian Initiation – Europe - September 2023

Fully Supported Online Breatharian Initiation – Europe – Sep 2023

58 Days Total | Wednesday September 5’Th 2023 | 

Includes: 1-week preparation (29 Aug – 4 Sep 2023) + Live 9-day initiation (5-13 Sep 2023) + 6 Week Integration

PREPARATION (29 August -3 September 2023 / 1 week)

You will receive a detailed Info Pack on how to prepare. We will also meet for a 1-hour group Zoom meeting on 29 August 2023.

INITIATION (5-13 Sep 2023 / 9 days)

  • We will meet twice a day. You will personally connect with both Ray & Grace online on every day. Ray will be teaching about the physical aspects of breatharianism, preparations, morning activities, guided meditations, and integration into life after the process. Grace will be introducing pranic breath artistry and will be guiding the evening sharing circles.
  • You will be invited to complete engaging pranic lifestyle supporting tasks during the day, either by yourself or with a remote partner
  • There will also be some autonomous time between workshops to allow the participants to experience and understand the evolving Self through this very special spiritual and sacred process.
  • There will be one full day of Vipassana (silence meditation) and a unique Karma Cleansing Exercise.
INTEGRATION (September 14 – October 27 2023 / 6 weeks)
You will be supported for 6 weeks after the initiation. We will meet once a week for a 2-hr group online meeting with Grace.

The breatharian lifestyle brings so many advantages into your life

Experience Dry Fasting

Under experienced and friendly supervision.


From all dependencies including media, food and everything mind altering.


Lifestyle imaginable. Your body is properly rested during the process.


Body potential by detoxifying it from harmful toxins

Boosted And Expanded

Awareness, increased cognitive capability and dramatically reduced brain fog.

Increased Level Of Energy And Vitality Every body regulating hormone is dramatically increased.

Blissful Sleep

And a genuine feeling of bodily renewal.

Engage Your Manifestation Muscle

And learn how to use it in your favor.

Is Pranic Living is for me? A short video to explain more.

Ray was initiated in Breatharian lifestyle in 2012 and has been practicing Pranic Living ever since. He is considered to be an inspirational guide and a representative of this lifestyle in the western world.

Recognizing the difficulties this lifestyle can impose in our western culture, Ray has created the Pranic Living initiations in order to bring the experience of breatharianism to modern society.

During COVID Ray has decided to make the initiations more accessible and affordable by allocating most of the planned initiations online


There are many moments in my life when I feel elevated and “high”. I also know the experience of deep sadness, loss, and grief. In other words, I experience life (and its force) for what it offers and instead of avoiding anything, I welcome it all for exploration and observation. Overall, I love connecting with others by sharing moments together. I love dancing, swimming, walking, and basking in the Sun. At times, I can be withdrawn and quiet when I feel the need for privacy and inner discovery. And that’s OK. I also enjoy being with and around others, be it people, animals, or nature in general. I am fascinated by consciousness and its manifestations. Exploring the Self is one of my passions.

In terms of my pranic journey, I did a 21-day process in India in April 2018. I also have been coordinating Ray’s 9-day retreats since 2018, including the two retreats I attended in Australia in 2018 and 2019. Since then I have been involved in Ray’s all global processes and have been providing support to others before, during, and after the retreats. I have been offering QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis) sessions during the retreats in person and I continuously offer 1-on-1 online supporting sessions to many participants around the world. I always feel so honoured, privileged, and blessed when I witness another’s journey.

In Australia, I also co-founded the first-ever Pranic Festival in 2019. Ray was one of the guest speakers.

My role at the online integrated process retreats is to support you in ways I do best. I will be present to your needs, I will listen, and I will hold the space for you to gently and gracefully notice how prana nourishes you. I will also support you in ways that are beyond the spoken word.

Feel free to connect with me at any time. I am here for you! I will also allocate some time for individual sessions before, during, and after the actual initiation. So, just know that I am here to assist you whenever you need me, if at all.


– 92% defined the workshop as life changing

Check out some of our testimonials!

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Workshop Details

When: 1-Week Preparation (August 29-September 4’th 2023) + Live 9-day Initiation (Sep 5’th – Sep 13’th 2023) + 6-week Integration afterward (till 27 October 2023)

Where: ONLINE at your place of choice. Ray strongly recommends finding a reclusive (solitary) environment if you can. The further away you are from our “regular” life, social media, obligations, family, friends and work – the better.3

Event Coordinator Info

Grace Love, Process Advisor – grace.love@raymaor.com – Whatsapp +61 (0) 415 066 990


Registration Requirements
A $500 deposit is required to register. The deposit is a part of the full payment and not separate from it. The deposit is fully refundable in case of the event being cancelled.

Package Type

Package Price

COMPLETE Package: Preparation + Online Fully Supported 9-day Breatharian Initiation + 6 week Integration

($500 deposit + $1000 remaining)

Additional private sessions with Grace, if required (more information in the Information Pack)

$120 per hour

The deposit guarantees your spot in this Online Fully Supported Breatharian Initiation. Once the deposit is transferred, , you will be contacted to fill out the Health Form and Pre-Registration Form. You will also receive an Information Pack with all details about the Initiation. Please fill out this form and you will be re-directed to the Payment Page after submitting this application form. Thank you. The time for excitement is NOW!

NOTE: A $500 deposit per individual guarantees your participation for the retreat you are applying for. Transfers are possible if the request is made at least a month prior to the start of the process. You will be re-directed to the payment page after submitting the Application

Cancellation Policy

Deposits (500 USD) are non-refundable, but transferable to any other future online initiation event that Ray will hold. However, the transfer must be requested at least a month prior to the process. In case of event cancellation by the organizing team – the deposit is fully refundable.

Reserve Your Spot

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Experience living without food under professional guidance and without the fear of doing it wrong!


1. Manifestation workshop (two parts) – for more details view this video from Ray’s lecture in Norway
2. Energy bringing techniques.
3. Ray’s personal guided Meditations.
4. A single day of Vipassana
5. Unique Karmatic cleansing exercise
6. Integration with the outside world (two parts) – helps the participants understand how to explain himself and how to integrate the outside world with his new deeper truth. View sample of the workshop

Gradual fasting schedule

On the first day of the Process we only eat fruits.
On the second day just drink juice.
The third day we only drink water.
Then we do 3.5 days of dry fasting.
For the last days we only drink diluted juices.

Dry fasting

Have no fear in regards to the dry fasting. Even though it is completely normal to have some fear, please understand that this is because we have been conditioned to believe that we cannot live without water for more than 3 days. There are very logical reasons for the 4 days of dry fasting, which will be fully explained during the Process. It is generally a very happy surprise when participants find it easier than they initially expected.

What to expect after the pranic living retreat?

1. Caloric intake – On average participants reduce their caloric intake by 80%. Some more and some less, depending on the personal decision of the individual.
2. Freedom – Participant receive the gift of independence – Being independent of food is one of the main reasons people decide to go through the process.
3. Save money – The process itself returns its investment after just a few weeks or months. After that time your food expense savings become huge. And of course these savings continue as food bills become insignificant, leaving more money available for amazing experiences, securing a home etc.
4. Reduce sleeping time – On average the participant will sleep around two thirds of their previous sleeping time leaving more quality time that may previously have been lacking in their life. On average each participant has 4 to 5 hours free every day. The combination of less sleep and time on food related issues such as shopping, cooking, washing dishes etc’. means these hours can be used to do whatever you like… Work, meditate, yoga… Who can say no to more free time?
5. Clarity of thought and happiness – After the body cleanse itself, for the first time, after a lifetime of toxic build-up, there is a feeling of lightness and clarity of thought. The opposite is true when just after lunchtime it is very hard for most people to focus. When we allow the body to stay clean for a prolonged period of time, thoughts become clear and a feeling of connection and awareness becomes powerful. The clean Consciousness helps the heart to expand.
6. Physical healing – Some of the participants go through different physical healing during the process. However, It is highly individual.
7. More stamina, more energy, extra cold heat resistance (happens to some of the participants) – all the energy that was once used by the body to digest is now utilized elsewhere.
8. More confidence – The Process has been formulated in such a way that it takes each participant through interesting and powerful inner processes designed to highlight and break/eliminate any personal limitations. The participant finds out that he has a very strong inner strength and lots of positive qualities. This helps them to break any social paradigms and become extremely confident in their inner mastery.
9. A cessation of the feeling of hunger or thirst. If hunger does arise, then it is an indication that a negative emotion may be the cause and so helps it to be identified and resolved.
10. An ideal body weight – after the process those that persist reach an ideal body weight.

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