Harvard Research on Happiness – 14 Tips to Feel Happier and Fulfilled

Harvard study on happiness has shown the key points on how to always be happy in life (or most of the time). In this video I give you tips and tricks on how to use these key points

Professor Tal Ben-Shahar’s positive psychology class is one of the most popular courses on Harvard.

Happiness is like a remote control – we often lose it, we are get annoyed because we can’t find it again, we search for it everywhere without even noticing it has been right under our nose the whole time 🙂

Here are the 14 key points explaining how to be happy in your life. Enjoy!
0:50 1. Gratitude and Appreciation
1:12 2. Exercise
1:36 3. Decisiveness and Persistence
2:14 4. Use Money Wisely
2:54 5. Face the Challenges
3:35 6. Memories
4:00 7. Be Nice to Others
4:40 8. Wear Comfortable Shoes and Clothes
5:05 9. Body Position
6:15 10. Music
7:07 11. What You Eat
7:33 12. How You Look
8:02 13. Sense of Humor
8:13 14. Acceptance

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