How spiritually awakened are you (levels 1-5)?

How spiritually awakened are you?

The aim of this test is to discover your current level of spiritual awakening. The quiz is designed to help you find out where you are right now on your spiritual journey and perhaps reveal what lies ahead.

Spiritual awakening man sitting and meditation under the tree at night testing his awareness

What is this test about?

There are 5 Stages of Awakening process. When you understand each stage and where you are on that journey you can recognize the sign posts along the way. Also the possible pitfalls to avoid.

How to approach answering the questions?

Please use the following guide as a way to navigate the stages of awakening. There is no right or wrong way to wake up. Most importantly, keep in mind that everyone’s experience is very much different. .

Like art, it is all beautiful and perfect in a way.

Can you improve the accuracy of your results?

Answering the questions from your current point of view and with honesty will give you the most accurate results. Even though we sometimes would like the answer to represent who we want to be, it is better to simply choose the answer that is currently reflecting who you are and what you currently believe in.

Are you ready?

There are 36 questions so make sure you reserve around 10 minutes to complete.

Even if a few answers are correct for you, select the one that best describes your belief and answer honestly.


How would you best describe yourself?

Saying "We are all one!" connects with me in a following way
I do some form of spiritual practice (i.e. meditation, yoga, mindfulness)

Have you found something that makes your life meaningful?

When it comes to my tribe, the following best describes me
My decisions are strongly influenced by my

When I notice someone is spiritually asleep

Which statement describes your experience most accurately?
The problems in my life are caused by
What best describes your belief system?
I believe in conspiracy theories
When someone asks me how I feel I commonly reply that

Which statement defines you best?

Do you sometimes question reality?

Time is linear with events happening one after the other

The best way to mature spiritually is to
My life is
The human experience is

Compared to your past, how much drama is present in your life today?

There are unconscious programs running in my mind
I get angry every now and then
Which of the following best describes you?
How often do you follow the rules of your own culture\religion?

Would you sacrifice your needs or compromise your values to receive a social approval?

My current partner is best described as: 
(if single, describe your ex-partner)

"I have greater self-love and higher standards compared to my past self"

Would you define yourself as a humble person?

I am mostly happy when

What is true for you?

What are you eating preferences?

The emotional roller-coaster of happiness and sadness in my life is slowly being replaced by inner peace
How often do your complain about or judge yourself?
Today, I can say that my confidence is stronger compared to my past self. The opinions of others about me have less affect on the decisions I make in life
Most of the people around me are
I start lecturing others when I believe they are doing something wrong
When it comes to judging other people the following is best description of my experience

You have finished your test!

A spiritually awakened person cheering under the sun and sky

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