How to be more present in the moment by grounding yourself in reality

How to be more present and being grounded spiritually is a mater of remembering to ground yourself into whatever it is that you are doing right now. That way you are grounding your energy and getting most out of your time here on Earth

Enjoy the video!

Subtopics (for easy navigation)
0:55 Feeling like you don’t belong here
2:20 Grounding into your day-to-day reality
2:54 Where are we coming from before we reincarnate on Earth?
3:38 Asking the right questions while being Here and Now
4:11 Grounding ourselves = Taking the responsibilities
4:57 My personal pre-birth contract
6:17 It’s not always easy to internalize outside experiences
7:13 Best advice I can give you is to ground into day to day activities


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