How to perceive & break – the 10 most common irrational thinking patterns

Irrationality is the #1 cause of all negative experiences.
In other words all of our issues are actually mental
and depends on how we chose to perceive them.
By irrational I do not mean insane, I mean thoughts that
are out of context, are not in coherence with facts,
are thinking patterns that we adopted young and haven’t
recognized yet etc’.
In this very interesting video I have put together 6 months
of university psychology course into 12 minutes.
This information is so good I actually made a sub-workshop
that I teach and practice recognizing these patterns with
my Pranic living initiation practitioners as part of their
“back to life” integration.
These are the top 10 irrational thinking patterns, see the video
for better explanations and examples:
1. Thoughts of all or nothing
2. Exaggerated generalization
3. Mental Filter
4. Rejection of the positive
5. Jumping to conclusions
6. Loss of proportion
7. Emotional overthinking
8. Needing, lacking
9. Attachment of a negative label to ourselves and others
10. Self-attribution

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