How to reach a state of complete Effortlessness


Sometimes we don’t want to admit that we are trying too
hard to get something, to achieve something.
We don’t want to admit that we are the ones that have
the control, that we are the ones that are telling ourselves
stories. Stories we have been telling ourselves for so long
that we started believing they are true.
Stories about our failures, our lack, our misdeeds. Stories
about why we can’t… And why we shouldn’t even try…
They say that we can do everything, and we know it to be
true, unless there was that one obstacle in our way – us!
When a man pursues a woman, if he tries too hard, she will
turn away. It is an energy, a belief, a confidence we have
in ourselves and in the universe to provide us.
That belief must come with acceptance and surrender. It is
a perfect balance that we should seek of wanting and letting
go. Of giving and receiving.
This video is about that.

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