Is Money the Root of All Evil?

Is Money the Root of All Evil?

Is money the root of all evil or is it a form of energy? Can it be both? In this video I talk about why we need to change our perception about money and how I, through my own personal experiences with loss of everything, got to where I am now – in abundance.
Enjoy the video and ask the questions in the comments!

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0:20 My personal experience with losing a lot of money
0:34 The origin of Money Is Evil belief
0:58 Dirty money is literally “dirty”
1:58 Having a second opinion before making a big investment
2:57 Relationship with money is very important
3:24 Lightworkers and spiritual workers are working with money as well
4:28 The reason why we think that Money is evil
4:49 What is your core belief about money?
5:29 My new book connects both Spiritual and Materialistic worlds
6:17 My personal story
7:24 Mental manifestation workshop
8:04 Are you judging wealthy people?
8:45 How can money actually help?
8:58 Money is a form of Energy
9:22 People define themselves through money
10:13 Workshop magic and what we do there
11:05 Self worth is important
11:34 By raising our standards we actually gain more
11:57 Figuring out the root of the problem
12:25 Listen to your intuition
14:05 Money in the hands of a lightworker is a GOOD thing

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