Is my soul from here – why don’t I feel like I belong?


Earth suck sometimes. It can be a very negative place.
Ever had that feeling that you don’t belong here?
That this reality is a little weird for you?
Into alternative healing? Conspiracies? Information
of the beyond?
This is not uncommon amongst star seeds, light workers,
wonderers and many other names that have been given
to us over the years.
When I was young I had difficulties understand why
there was so much pain in the world and had to
suppress my sensitivity.
When young I never felt that I belong in this place,
over the years I have developed many different theories,
escaped our reality into higher dimensions, meditations,
visualization, ayahuasca retreats…
But in the end it all comes down to our expanded consciousness
that has chosen to take a temporary human form.
More on this – in this video

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