Nepal October 2024 - Pranic Journey

Welcome to our Nepal October Pranic Journey
Build you experience from these events:
1. Annapurna Base Camp Trek (4 days)
2. Pranic Cleanse Retreat (7 days)
3. Nepal Yoga Festival (4 days)

Nepal October Vacation retreat Options

Full Schedule (You may join or leave at any part)

– Event 1 – 28th-29th September – Arrival in Kathmandu + City Tour

– Event 2 – October 1st-5th – Annapurna Base Camp Hike (Trek to ABC)

– Event 3 – October 6’th-12’th – Pranic Cleanse Retreat (Hosted by Ray)

– Event 4 – October 16’th-19’th – Nepal Yoga Festival (With Discount)

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Venue - Purna Center
(Both Pranic Cleanse & Nepal Yoga Festival)

Some Pictures From Last Event

Travel Arrangments


Doint the Kathmanu City Tour? September 29’th
Doing The Trek? October 1’st-4’th
Doing The Pranic Retreat? October 6’th-12’th
Doing the Nepal Yoga Festival? October 16’th-19’th


Purna Center Nepal – Purna means full. Our serene venue is nestled within a mountain village, surrounded by water streams and lush greenery creating a peaceful environment for Yoga Spiritual growth and Community gathering.

Address: Bhakunde, North Lakeside, Street No. 15 / 18, Pokhara, Nepal.

Closes Airport & Transportation options

Flight Information

Estimated cost of flights from USA – 1200$
Estimated cost of flights from Europe – 1100€

Check out flight costs in google flights.


Nearby Landmark: Phewa Lake: A stunning freshwater lake in Nepal, it’s a popular spot for boat rides and offers an unparalleled view of the Himalayan range reflecting on its calm waters.

Event Organizers

Go questions? Please ask our organizers
AJ, Process Advisor

Pranic Living Retreat Schedule (October 6'th-12'th)

Additional Workshops

Different Detox Schedules

Ray will be introducing and supporting 3 types of detox tracks you can take during the detox period.
All aspects will be explained during the first meeting.

You may chose one route or shift between.

Easy – Juices & Smoothies

Medium – incorporating water fasting days

Hard – incorporating dry fasting days

Full Schedule Deep Description

29'th September - Kathmandu City tour (Optional)

We’ll be covering all these 4 major attraction points:

-Swoyambhu Mahachaitya (Monkey 🐒 Temple) :
This sacred pilgrimage site is also home to hundreds of monkeys considered holy to Tibetan Buddhists and Hindus. According to legend, Manjushree, the bodhisattva of wisdom, was in the process of raising the temple hill when the lice in his hair transformed into these monkeys.

-Kumari Ghar, the house of Living Goddess Kumari and Durbar Square:
Kumari Ghar is an example of Nepal’s magnificent architecture with its intricate wood carvings of gods and various symbols.
Kathmandu’s Durbar Square was where the city’s kings were once crowned and legitimised, and from where they ruled (durbar means palace). As such, the square remains the traditional heart of the old town and Kathmandu’s most spectacular legacy of traditional architecture.

-Boudhanath Stupa market:
This is a fabulous place to visit. You get to see and experience both a culture and religious site.

-Pashupatinath Temple:
Dedicated to Pashupati, a form of Shiva, it is the oldest Hindu temple in Kathmandu and its existence is recorded as early as 400 CE.

To Note: there are only 2 days hotel accommodation included in the package. Whoever decides to come earlier and explore Kathmandu more, we can arrange airport transfers and accommodation for them for a little extra money. We need to have your flight information.

To Note: ✍🏻
— it is very important to stay close to the City Guide and the group and not wonder around to avoid getting lost or delay the rest of the group departure from one attraction point to another and timing for lunch, and other logistics.
— there are only 2 days hotel accommodation in Kathmandu included in the package (28th and 29th of September ) However, if anyone decides to come earlier and explore Kathmandu more, we can arrange airport transfers and accommodation for them for a little extra money. We need to have the flights information and updates with flights changes and delays as soon as possible if there are any so we can adjust logistics accordingly.
We can also arrange private tours and suggest things to do for the ones that arrive days earlier in Kathmandu.

30'th September - Journey to Pokhara by bus (7-8 hours)

* Bus departs Kathmandu at 4 am. Optional flight at 7 am (subject to delays/cancellations).
* Arrival in Pokhara by afternoon, Lunch by lakeside and orientation at Purna Center.
* Welcome dinner at Purna Center with vegan/vegetarian options.

To Note: ✍🏻

— There is always road construction on the Bus ride to Pokhara and traffic.
It’s a Scenic drive filled with Nature, Mountain View’s and Nepali local life can be observed along the way going through many villages. Buses are big and pretty comfy but the ride is pretty slow and bumpy due to bad road conditions and a never ending road work.
Bus will leave Kathmandu at 4 am. Whoever wants to skip the bumpy long bus Ride, we can put them in a small flight leaving at around 7 am. (Note that flights there are very commonly delayed or cancelled by weather conditions and the people might end up using buses anyway and loose lots of time on the way leaving Kathmandu at a later hour ☝️🤓
— After Lakeside Lunch when we’ll arrive at Purna Center will have an Orientation and start educating everyone about the ABC trek and help them repack their backpacks and do a Q & A session.
We’ll have a welcome Special vegan/vegetarian Dinner at Purna Center.

— Will also send out a tutorial video on YouTube before the trip, on how to be minimal and have light backpacks 🎒 because we won’t use sherpas or mules to carry our bags on the trek and trekking with heavy backpacks carrying unnecessary weight, we’ll make the journey struggling and not enjoyable, trekking at a slower pace.

1-5'th Oct.: Trek

1st Oct.: Start of ABC Trek
Trek from Gandaki trailstart (5,400 feet) to Lower Sinuwa (7,000 feet).
Distance: 7 miles, elevation gain: 1,900 feet.

2nd Oct.: Trek from Lower Sinuwa to Deurali (10,550 feet)
Distance: 8.6 miles, elevation gain: 2,500 feet.

3rd Oct.: Trek from Deurali to ABC (13,553 feet)
Distance: 4.4 miles, elevation gain: 3,000 feet.

4th Oct.: Trek from ABC down to Bamboo or Upper Sinuwa
Distance: 10 miles, elevation drop: 3,000 feet.

5th Oct.: Trek from Bamboo/Sinuwa to Trailstart
Distance: 7-10 miles, elevation drop: 2,500 feet.

* Jeep ride back to Purna Center (2.5 hours).
* Final vegan meal at Purna Center.

To Note ✍🏻

— in the 1st day of the Trek will stop at Jhinu Hot Springs next to the Modi white water river where we can Cold water Plunge as well.
We’ll occasionally do more cold water plunges allong the trek whenever we can and get close to small waterfalls and water flows (totally optional ofcourse)
— During the Trek there will be a daily Spiritual Quote and a powerful affirmation to be kept with you throughout the day, followed by a Light stretch before we set out on our adventure.
— We’ll have breakfast, lunch and dinner at tea houses along the treck as well as accommodation during the nights. Breakfast and Dinner will be at the same Tea House will camp for the night and Lunch along the way at some point.
— The closer we get to Base Camp the colder it gets so clothing layers will be added. At the Base camp the 360 views are stunning with the Mountain Massives filled with white snow.
— 3 days trekking up and 2 days trekking down.
— in the 5th and last day when reaching Trailstart/finish Several Jeeps will take us back to the Purna Center (about 2.5 hour drive)
— In the evening when we’ll reach the Purna Center we’ll have the last Vegan Meal and the following day the Cleanse Retreat starts.

6-12'th Oct: Pranic Cleansing Retreat (see schedule)

6th Oct. to 12th Oct.: Pranic Retreat led by Ray Maor (Master of Awakening) and Coordinated/ facilitated by AJ, Desirée & Manohar.
* 6th Oct. (Day 1): Fruits day, Kundalini Yoga, Manifestation workshop, Meditation, Sharing circle.
* 7th Oct. (Day 2): Juice day, Kundalini Yoga, break a board activity, meditation, mandala workshop introduction (1 hr), gathering.
* 8th Oct. (Day 3): Waterfast day, Yoga/hike, emotions workshop with Lesley (Zoom), Mandala workshop, MiniConcert/ Jamming sessions, Soundbath.
* 9th Oct. (Day 4): Dry Fast Silent Day, Falun Dafa exercises, day of silence.
* 10th Oct. (Day 5): Waterfast day, Falun Dafa exercises, Water Ceremony, ice water challenge, meditation, sharing circle.
* 11th Oct. (Day 6): Juice day, Kundalini Yoga, karma exercise, fire walking.
* 12th Oct. (Day 7): Departure day, fresh fruits, Kundalini Yoga, final sharing circle.


Details and things to Note ✍🏻:

6th Oct. Day 1 of Pranic Retreat. It’s going to be Fruits Day so we’ll delight ourselves with a large variety of organic fresh fruits from the Center Property and local Market
We’ll start the day with early morning Sadhana and Kundalini Yoga. The Manifestation workshop in the Afternoon and a guided meditation in the evening followed by Sharing Circle and a screening of the Documentary: “In the beginning there was light”

7th Oct. Day 2 of Pranic Retreat.
This is going to be a Juice day so we’ll have the Kitchen Crew at Purna Center juicing for us a large variety of organic fruits and vegetables 🥰 Juices to be consumed throughout the day available all day in the dining hall.
We’ll start the day with early morning Sadhana and Kundalini Yoga.
In the Afternoon will do quick introduction to Mandala workshop followed by Break a Board Challenge (1st Mind over Matter activity). It’s very fun activity where we take a marker and a wooden board and write on it fears, insecurities or limitations we desire to break through.
A guided meditation session in the evening followed a bonfire gathering 🔥 with live music 🎶 under the Stars ✨ (weather and time permitting)

8th Oct. Day 3 of Pranic Retreat.
This will be a Water fast day. So we’ll drink fresh spring water all day 💦 out of massive copper containers.
We’ll start the day as usual with early morning Sadhana and Kundalini Yoga.
Before noon will do a short nature hike on the trails behind the Purna Center.
In the Afternoon we’ll have Emotions Workshop with our dear friend Lesley (over Zoom)
Mandala Workshop with Manohar will also unfold this day.
In the Evening will be a Mini Concert in the Amphitheater and jamming sessions followed by a Soundbath relaxing session 🥰🎶🥣

9th Oct. Day 4 of Pranic Retreat.
This is the Dry Fast Silent Day. So no food or water this day. ( if a participant is too overwhelmed with the dryfasting day they can waterfast this day)
We’ll start the day as usual with early morning Sadhana and light Kundalini Yoga followed by Falun Dafa exercises (energy rising)
After that the rest of the Day is Silent. Every participant spends time with themselves in silence finding inner peace and connecting with the divine within.

10th Oct. Day 5 of Pranic Retreat.
This is a Water fast Day 💦 and for the ones that dryfasted, there will be no drinking water till after the water Ceremony.
We’ll start the day as usual with early morning Sadhana and light Kundalini Yoga followed by Falun Dafa exercises (energy rising)
For everyone that managed to Dryfast the day Before, we’ll have a water Ceremony where we all bless the Water and have a Water Prayer 🙏🏼 before starting drinking water again.
In Afternoon we’ll do the ice water challenge (the 2nd Mind over Matter challenge) where participants are challenged to stay in Ice water for ar least 2 minutes (up to 10 minutes for the Brave ones ) we have special tanks built especially for the Icewater challenge and the steam room to warm up right after on the Purna Center property right next to the Pool and changing rooms.
In the evening we’ll do a Guided meditation session followed by Sharing Circles and a Powerful Documentary Screening.

11th Oct. Day 6 of Pranic Retreat.
This is a juice day so we’ll get back to Juices and delight ourselves with fresh fruits and vegetables juices.
We’ll start the day as usual with early morning Sadhana and light Kundalini Yoga followed by Falun Dafa exercises (energy rising)
Releasing Karma exercise in the afternoon.
In the evening we’ll do the 3rd mind over matter exercise and that will be the fire walking 🔥👣 and play fire gathering songs, shamanic and psychedelic music 🎶

12th Oct. Day 7 of Pranic Retreat
This is the Departure day for some participants. It is a fruit day.
We’ll have fresh Organic fruits available in abundance for everyone. Whoever wants to Continue the cleanse they can stay on juices for as long as they feel.
We’ll start the day as usual with early morning Sadhana and light Kundalini Yoga followed by Last Sharing Circle and have to clear Rooms before 12 Noon.
Whoever decides to stay longer for the Yoga Festival starting 4 days later, will have to arrange accommodation in nearby hotels if there is no availability at Purna Center and pay extra for 4 nights (aprox. $200)

This Day, 12 of October marks the 14th day since entering Nepal 🇳🇵 on 28th of September. So the Participants who got a 15 day visa will have to fly out either on October 12th or 13th unless they got a 30 day visa and plan to stay longer than 14 /15 days in Nepal 🇳🇵

* There will be a daily powerful spiritual assignment during the Retreat to be completed by the end of the day sent over WhatsApp that includes:
– Daily Spiritual theme
– Phrase of the day
– Spiritual assignment
– Daily Mantra
– Quotes & words of wisdom
– Spiritual Song 🎶

* A detailed minimal list of everything what you need to pack for the trekking will be sent out to everyone long before the trip with links to suggested featherlight minimal products.

* If any of the participants wishes to join only the trek or only the Pranic Retreat or just the festival or two of the 3 events or all 3 events it is totally possible just let us know and we’ll discuss details and prices adjustments, logistics etc.

* If you have any other questions or concerns about the trip or want to see more videos and pictures message us and we’ll forward you on WhatsApp hundreds of pictures from our last 3 trips to Nepal 🇳🇵

16-19'th Oct: Nepal Yoga Festival

* Held at Purna Center. Accommodation at neighboring hotels or Purna Center based on Availability.
* Full pass includes meals, workshops, live music, and classes. Cost: around $450.
* For detailed festival information, visit Nepal Yoga Festival.

* Oct. 19th, the last day of the Festival will be exactly 3 weeks since entering Nepal to have an idea how much vacation time you need if you consider Staying for the Yoga Festival as Well.

* For the ones who wants to Extend and Stay for the Nepal Yoga Festival 2024 that is held at the same Purna Center, The dates will be 16th to 19th (4 days/3 nights) The accommodation at the Purna Center, probably won’t be available since 12th of October so we’ll find you accommodation in the neighboring hotels if necessary. The full pass for the Festival (4 days/ 3 nights) will be around $450 and that will include 8 meals (2 meals /day) and Free Shuttle from the Lake side up to the Center, access to all workshops , live music and classes during festival and much more ( not inccludedes the accommodation) There are several packages for the festival so if you are interested let me know and I’ll send over all the information, Flyers and prices.
Here’s the website:

22nd Oct Forward (Optional)

22nd Oct. onwards (Optional): India Exploration
* Explore New Delhi, Taj Mahal, Jaipur, Mumbai, and Chennai.


What’s included and what’s not:

Things Not Included:
* International flights to/from Kathmandu.
* Nepal Visa ($30 for 15 days, $50 for 30 days).
* Extra services like Lomi Lomi massage, Paddle boarding, Paragliding, Tramway (Cable Car), Lake boat ride to island Temple and Stupa Hike.
These extra activities and more are to be experienced and enjoyed mostly likely after the Pranic Cleanse Retreat before the Nepal Yoga Festival.
* Meals and expenses in Kathmandu before 28th September.
* Festival 4 day pass (around $450 unless is included in your package)
* Travel insurance with helicopter evacuation (recommended).

* Airport transfers.
* Accommodation in Kathmandu (2 nights), Pokhara (1 night before trek, 7 nights during retreat), tea houses during trek (4 nights).
* All meals during Kathmandu city tour, trip to Pokhara, ABC trek, Fruits and Juices during Pranic Cleanse Retreat.
* City tour guides and entrance fees.
* Transportation from Kathmandu to Pokhara and back.
* Trek permits and guides.
* Jeep rides to/from trail start.
* Ray Maor’s teachings and retreat activities and workshops.
* All facilities at Purna Center.
* Storage for extra luggage during trek.

Important Info:
* Participants must fill out medical and liability forms.
* Recommended to purchase travel insurance with helicopter evacuation coverage.
* Nepali Visa can be applied for online before arrival to save time.
For more information or to see photos/videos from previous trips, contact via WhatsApp


Details To Note

Details to Note: ☝️🤓

The only things are not included in this Nepal 🇳🇵 Adventure Retreat are:

* Your plane tickets from your home to Kathmandu ($700 to $1900 depending how early you book your plane tickets and how long the layovers are and of course from which country you fly from)

* Your Nepal 🇳🇵 Visa (15 days $30 and 30 days $50)

* Extra services like Lomi Lomi massage or activities like paddle boarding on lake or Tramway (CableCar) up and Down the Mountain or paragliding down the mountain to see Pokhara and the massive lake side from the sky 🥰 it is incredible. We did it last time. Those will be pretty cheap. Like $20 for paddleboarding, $20 for CableCar, and $50 tandem paragliding.

* The meals or any expenses in Kathmandu before 28th of September.

* Extended trip to New Delhi to visit Taj Mahal , Jaipur , Mumbai and Chennai.

* Festival 4 day Pass is sold separately or can be included together with the Trek and /or Pranic Cleanse for a reduced price ☝️🤓 (accommodation is not included in the Festival Pass. We can arrange accommodation and all logistics for whoever wants to join the festival).

* The full pass for the Festival (4 days/ 3 nights) will be around $450 and that will include meals, access to all workshops , live music and classes during festival and much more. There are several packages for the festival so if you are interested let me know and I’ll send over all the information, Flyers and prices.
Here’s the website:

* Trip Insurance not included

* Everything else is included: ☝️🤓The packages cost will vary between $1666 to $3400 per person

What’s included:
* Airport transfers,
* Accommodation în Kathmandu (2 nights), Pokhara at the Purna Center ( 1 night before the trek and 7 nights during Retreat) and tea houses along the trek (4 nights)
* All meals during Kathmandu city tour, trip to Pokhara, ABC trek, Fruits and Juices during Pranic Cleanse Retreat.
* Fresh blessed water stored in Copper Vessels.
* Taxis mooving us back and forth în Kathmandu and Pokhara
* City Guides and Attraction points ticket entrance.
* The ride from Kathmandu to Pokhara and back (bus 🚌 or plane ✈️ )
* All the Permits and Guides for the ABC Trek that will support us during the trek (you can tip them extra if you wish at the end )
* All the Jeep rides (2.5 hours each way to Trailstart and Back to the Center.
* Ray Maor (Master of Awakening) teachings, classes, workshops
* All the Retreat Activities, Classes, soundbath, fruits and Veggies , all the facilities at Purna Center ( pool, sauna/ steam room, cold plunges, mud bath, fruits from the hundreds of fruit trees of many varieties on the property 🥰
* Storage of extra suitcases and stuff that You won’t have in your Backpack during Trek.

More Info:

Everyone will fill up a medical form and a liability form that releases Ray Maor, AJ and Desiree. We are not responsible if you injure yourself during the trip but we are there to support you to the best of our abilities should anything happen.

Nepali Visa, 15 days ($30) or 30 days ($50) are obtained in Kathmandu airport on arrival. To save some time in Kathmandu airport, here’s a website where you can fill in your information online and submit without paying so when you arrive at the window they already have your information and you get your visa faster.
Nepali Visa Aplication:

There is no payment to be made online for the Nepali visa Application. Payment is only in Kathmandu airport on Arrival.
The Visa window is next to a money exchange window to get Nepali cash.

We’ll suggest everyone to get a travel insurance that includes helicopter evacuation (around $100) in case someone has bad altitude sickness during trek but it should not be a problem since Anapurna base camp (ABC) is much lower than Everest Base camp (13,550 feet / 4,130 meters)

Suggestions: (ofcourse you can search and find your own Travel Insurance based on your budget and likings)


True Traveler Insurance:

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    all transfers and domestic transportation are included

    Cancellation Policy
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