Breatharian Preparation Online Course

Breatharian Preparation Online Course

7 days online process you can do from home


Are you ready to start using your pranic engine?

If  you are looking for your first step to become a breatharian – this is it!

The whole world is going crazy now with this whole coronavirus situation. People are waking up to many truths, many new teachings, new “technologies” keep emerging from every corner of the world.

One of these technologies is the Breatharian lifestyle that can help activate your Pranic engine and allow you to experience life using a different source of life energy.

This online course is 7 days long, consists of the full schedule, 7 videos (one per each day) and a workbook.

Ray has guided over 35 breatharian initiation workshops over the last 7 years, working with over 1000 students.

His workshops attract the largest groups for two simple reasons – he works with a team of special guides and he knows how to bridge the gap between spiritually and mundane. He works as a spiritual guide but his teachings are very grounded and applicable to everyday life.

After the online initiation, many people want to meet other like minded breatharians and to be initiated properly
into the breatharian lifestyle and join one of Ray’s workshops around the world.

So what is a Breatharian Preparation Online Course?

    • Freedom from all dependencies including food
    • Healthiest lifestyle imaginable
    • Maximize body potential while detoxing all that’s not needed anymore
    • Boosted and Expanded awareness
    • Increased level of Energy and Vitality 
    • Blissful sleep and feeling of freshness after waking up
    • Engage your manifestation muscle and learning how to use it in your favor

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What will I learn in the course?

We are glad you asked! Ray has released the full first video for those that are interested.
Have a sneak-peek at the introduction video below to understand how to prepare yourself
and take the first steps of the process.

What's the exchange?

$149 USD

I am interested! What do I do next?

You can order the course by following the link below. After you make the payment you will receive the link with the instructions on how to access the content. We tried to keep things simple and we are proud to say it worked out well 🙂


    TESTIMONIALS! - What are people saying about their experience?

    Here are some of the people talking about their experience through the course.

    If you would like to share your experience as well, send us the link

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    Hi Ray,

    I just finished the 3.5 day dry fast…..
    Omg, what an experience. I did it in silence, so I had no voice after the fast.
    It went well, I lost 8kg. I was walking my dog and staying outdoors. I found in nature I could cope with everything better.
    Thanks so much for shining the light of love around the world and changing so many lives.
    The course was perfect, I was running out of time with all the videos e.g The course is really hands on, scientific aspects really help.
    You have changed another life Ray, God bless you!

    Maris Mesters

    I started the Breatharian initiation 2 weeks ago, so as of now I have lived 14 days without food, only on fluids. I must admit that I am not exactly a person who likes to follow rules and instead I simply follow my passion and work with my own conditions the best I can. So I made it harder for me and didn’t take a vacation from work. But except this, I did follow the recommendations as accurately as I could. Nevertheless, for me specifically, the Initiation was actually smoother than I thought. It might be because I have worked on myself a lot last during the last years – both spiritually and physically. I also have a few powerful cutting edge gadgets which dramatically support any energy work, create a healthy and supportive environment, structure water etc. So all this gave me a big advantage compared to a “normal” person. The course came to me as a synchronicity for my bigger “divine mission” of showing people that most of the old paradigm dependencies are no longer necessary for a happy life. Food addiction was the step #1. I was excited about the opportunity I was given and I approached the entire process with a mindset of “It’s gonna be fun! It’s gonna be easy! It’s already done anyway.” This mindset was very important for me. And looking back, I really did enjoy the initiation!

    Since the beginning I didn’t feel hungry nor thirsty. It was interesting for me to observe the situations when I would typically eat and notice the reasons behind it. But the need or hunger just wasn’t there any more. A few examples – I would typically eat when it was time to eat, when my son didn’t finish something, so the food doesn’t go bad, when somebody else eats, when I’m bored, etc. So it was a very cool time of deep self-reflection and discovering hidden patterns. Instead of eating, I learned to enjoy the smell of the food. I never noticed before how much of the “enjoying food” ceremonies is about how nicely it smells! Surprisingly enough, my intention was so strong that I didn’t have any problems with just smelling all kinds of food and not tasting it. I kind of approached it as a mental exercise 🙂 Just like if you go to gym and lift weights to gain more strength, I smelled the food without eating it to strengthen my will.

    I was feeling great until the 3rd day of dry fast when I suddenly became very weak and occasionally even dizzy when I moved too fast. However, each suggested exercise or meditation always gave me more and more energy and strength back. So sometimes I repeated them more than just once and in the end I felt OK again. If somebody thinks that the physical exercises are gonna only make you more tired, based on my experience the opposite is true. You gotta stay active at least a little bit and stretch now and then, otherwise the energy won’t flow optimally which can result in you not being able to switch to the pranic engine. If you want to sustain your body from energy, you need to make sure the energy moves through it freely! Makes sense, doesn’t it? 🙂 Then after the beautiful water ceremony, I started getting my strength back. Now I am back to about 70-80% of my strength and can do push ups, squats, etc. without any issues. I must admit that I lost a lot of weight, however, it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m just giving the body the space and time it needs to break the old habits of requiring food and learn to use the pranic engine instead. I’ve noticed that especially around the lunch time, my energy would suddenly drop a lot as the body still remembers that it should get energy dose from some food. But day after day, these drops are disappearing too. Sooner or later, the physical body will align with the rest of me, as it always does.

    Besides the weak moments on the 3rd day of the dry fast, I feel great, need sleep much less and am on average less tired. I am getting used to the new routine when I basically replaced breakfast with an exercise. It feels good. Not only energetically, but also my confidence has increased because I know what I can do.

    When I’m done with the post-integration period and am confident enough that my body has fully switched to the pranic engine, I still plan to occasionally eat. So this is all temporary for me. I simply love the taste of food and great food is one of my joys in life. However, I couldn’t agree more with Ray’s opinion that “Once I prove to myself that I can do it, I don’t need to prove anything to anybody else any more and simply live the way I want.” So for me it is about the freedom, not any askethic life. But my attitude towards eating will never be the same as before. Now, if I will want to eat, I will make sure that it will be something delicious and not just something to fill my belly. I will enjoy every bit of it very consciously and appreciate it much more. Not because I would die, but because I love it. I am very grateful for this program to allow me to have my own experience and get rid of another limits that I felt are not necessary.

    Thank you Ray so much!.


    Hello Ray,

    Thank you for facilitating the initiation. I have seen many benefits that I have been praying for, for a long time.
    I really am very happy I did this initiation. I have always had a struggle with food, and I had been wanting to view food / water as I do the material (you do not need them like you thought you did before doing the fast). I also never thought I could overcome being hungry or not eating when hungry. This all changed during the fast and is still something I feel I finally have control over. The completion of this initiation has also changed a lot of other for me, and I am so thankful that you provided this for everyone. I also want to thank you for including the forgiveness exercise.  I think it was perfect to include during the process.

    Hi Ray,

    Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

    I purchased your course after I completed my in person initiation with Gage Gorman in Mt Shasta because I wanted to see if there was any other helpful information.  As I am into science and enjoy the Dr Joe Dispenza take as well.  I have received many amazing things from your program so thank you for offering it online.

    Angelica Ventimiglia

    I have been mostly a vegetarian in the last few years. I did the course at home with my wife and the 9 month child. I never fasted in my life more that a few hours,  though in the last few months tried not to eat before 11 or 12 am.  I had a lot of support and understanding from my wife (It would have been very hard without it).

    I had no problems going through all the process, never really felt hunger, just craves from my mind. The last 20-24 hours were difficult, but not because of thirst or dry mouth but of thoughts and mind. I just wanted to drink. And when I did the water ceremony I almost cried. I drunk but soon realize that I was not thirsty and that I could stay more whithout drinking.   The meditations and all the other materials are more than helpful, are essential.  Now, after almost two weeks I would tell everyone to follow to the letter your instruction and everything will be easy.  They must have faith, imagine that they are already did it and that they are already breatharian (or done their purpose).

    I must say that during the dry fast I was ”like a lamb”. I had energy but no desire to argue, fight, no anger etc.  I feel very well, had a little increase in energy, some ups and downs when my vibration lowers. I can sense somehow the connection between having less physical energy and negative thoughts.


    I need more details...

    We hear you and got you covered! See below what else is included in this online course…

    1. Videos – A single video for each day with the daily workshops\recommendations.
    2. A free copy of Ray’s book – A Year Without Food (valued $10)
    3. Lifetime access to Ray’s online Manifestation course (valued $20)
    4. Access to 2 of Ray’s online guided meditations (valued $15)
    5. Full weekly schedule – This schedule holds links to other videos, meditations, movies books or online sources that Ray recommends for your to read\see throughout the week.
    6. A Lifetime access – we will never remove this course from our servers. Once you are in – you can always come back and review even after many years.

    Online Course Schedule

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