Online Tantric Workshop

Online Tantric Workshop!

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Are you in a long-term relationship with your partner & you want to make sure you’re a good lover?

Making sure that you can intimately satisfy your partner. If you truly want to astonish your partner with your “bedroom satisfaction” capability The best place to get that information - IS RIGHT HERE!!

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Would you like to be the best “one and only” your partner ever had?

One of the most crucial parts of a successful relationship is a high level of satisfaction in the bedroom, as it’s ‘supposed to be the act that you perform only with your long-term partner, and you anticipate the same commitment from them. While dreaming of a long-lasting relationship you probably thought to yourself “can I ensure that I’m the best bedroom partner she ever had?”... Everybody thinks about it at least once when being in a serious relationship.

Men who love their partners want to make sure that they stay with them forever.


Afraid of the temptations out there that can seduce their partners if they are secretly not satisfied with them.


Wants to outdo all the other men their partners ever had and be their ultimate pleasure hero.

You don’t have to cluelessly wander through the internet, searching for viable information on the matter, I have gone ahead and produced the most comprehensive 5 week step-by-step online course to teach you the best of methods utilizing the best of ways so you can unleash the best of YOU! Its time to raise the bar when it comes to ‘bedroom funtime’.
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What's included in the course:

Dense package! 39 Videos on Tantric sexuality for men.


5 weeks of tutoring with standalone lessons.


A detailed ‘at home’ practicing program embedded in the course.


Potential zoom meetings with Ray and other members of the course (pending the amount of people that sign up).


Become your partner’s ultimate partner

"You will never look at sexuality in the same way as before: deconstructing the worst parts about it, leaving room for a brand new approach, one that’s significantly better..."
The whole "Tantra on Steroids" course is 5 weeks long but the toolsets are for LIFE.
Your lifelong improvements are not limited to the bedroom, but also to the way you live your life. Be a part of something bigger, the more men will know about this, The better.
This growing community can help spark a change in the world of intimacy and if enough men will pick up the knowledge and use it, a positive change might come sooner than later.
We have gone ahead and assembled an easy-to-follow 5-week online course that will teach you everything you need to know about satisfying your partner to the highest level while having all the support you need from our mentors and community partners. The partners of our past ‘graduates’ sent us countless thank you messages for enhancing their bedroom experience!
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An introduction to modern Sexual Tantra

There are ways to improve your ability to satisfy your partner during your intimate times. The most viable and proven techniques come from the far east dating hundreds of years, the collective studies on the matter are compiled into one cache of informative knowledge that the ancient gurus called Tantra.
The problem with “modern Tantra” is that many consider those teachings as ‘bogus’ that will suck you into a complex lifestyle of spirituality and a non-modern way of living. A price too heavy for most people to pay. And so we have gone ahead and created the most comprehensive step-by-step 5 week online course to teach you how to improve your abilities, satisfy your partner and unleash your absolute best in the ‘bedroom funtime’

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Meet your mentor - Ray Maor

Ray Maor is a mentor, guide, IT manager, business owner and a true believer in human change, Ray started his journey In the betterment and healing of individuals in 2012 when he himself underwent a Pranic challenge fasting for 21 days in a row. Since then life has taken Ray into a variety of fields, writing numerous courses, holding workshops and even managing a youtube channel, sharing his advice and ideas with nothing but good will in mind, Ray’s extensive knowledge in the fields of personal well being had helped him come up with the idea of presenting Tantra to the western audience utilizing a simplified western approach. Ray insists that anyone can achieve tremendous success in the intimate arts with enough dedication and will for change.



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