Peru 2020 - Low Budget Application

Low Budget Application for Pisac, PERU (May 1st - 9th 2020)

The low budget program will allow a maximum of two (2) applicants to join Ray’s events at cost. Applicants must demonstrate their need of financial assistance at least two 2 months prior to the event they are applying for.


Application Rules:

  • THIS APPLICATION PROCESS CLOSES JANUARY 1st 2020. No applications after that date will be considered.
  • Each Low Budget participant will be asked to help with minor tasks (i.e. preparing and cleaning the juicer and similar)
  • Only applications that are fully completed will get reviewed. We will not request additional clarification. Please ensure you have told us all you need us to know prior to submitting.
  • Applications are individual. No couple or group applications. Feel free to reference each other in your applications if you wish.
  • You may not submit an application on someone else’s behalf unless the applicant has a disability that prevents them from submitting it themselves.
  • You must use your legal name on your application.
  • Registration allowed through the Low Budget Program are completely non-transferrable.
  • You will be notified by our staff ONLY if your application is approved. Please do not contact us looking for updates on your applications status as that will disqualify you from the selection automatically.
  • If approved for an interview, you will be asked to provide proof of your income and expenses; applicants who cannot provide documentation will not be considered.