Pranic Living Testimonial – Vanessa [2015]

So about 3-4 months ago, I read a book about Jasmine Lee. Someone forced me to read it; I actually didn’t want to. I thought “Ehh, this is ridiculous”. I actually got a bit angry. I felt like I’ve been so much into raw food and my life was about living sustainably, healthy, organic, vegetarian, and I was in that paragon. So, to say “No food” – I just thought it was ridiculous and I didn’t believe it, and I had a lot of resistance.

My story is actually quite strange and unique because I did start reading her book because I was intrigued because I looked at the pictures, and there’s this young-looking, beautiful, western white woman and I thought ‘Wow she’s just like a normal person. So okay just out of curiosity, I will read it.”

Now when I read it, it turns out she lives only half an hour away from me in Brisbane and she did a lot of the processes not far away, so I felt a connection. I thought, hang on a second; this is a real person living around me.

And she mentioned a book called “God, I am” and I have read that book and “The biography of a yogi,” I also read that. And actually the book “God I am” my mum used to attend the channelings for that, and as a little girls I used to watch those videos.

Because of all of these similarities, I just researched on YouTube, I wanted to find out more. Jasmine Lee was travelling a lot, and she doesn’t do the process anymore, and she actually recommended to me that the 21 days process is not good to do at this point in time anymore, so I got really confused.

But I just kept researching and then I saw a YouTube clip of Ray and he discussed the process, that it was 10 days and I thought “You know what? That I can do.”

It seems successful and the fact that he will always be there and we’re in a group, I felt much safer. And you know, it’s very straightforward, it’s very scientific and he had a scientific experiment. I watched that all the way through and I saw him.

He was a young, good-looking man with muscles, and I thought, okay so normal people with normal jobs can have healthy-looking bodies and then become breatharian, and the benefits they were talking about like less sleep, clarity of vision, more calm, more love, more focus to manifest more things in their lives.

I just thought, wow that is something that is possible, that I want to know about. And I’ve also done a science degree, and I thought, I want to experiment. So I took the challenge to do it here in Holland because I have many family connections here in Holland, so I flew all the way from Australia to come to Holland and do the process.

Obviously I still had a lot of fears, I had a lot of doubts. My main concern was, I’ve had a fear of loss of food, a fear of the loss and the grief of food, because I have a very emotional connection to food. Food and dancing, and music to me have always been there.

I’ve had a lot of abandonment in my life, I’ve had a lot of issues where I feel has stressed me out and really traumatized me but I could always come back to the dance floor, always come back to the stage, always come back to food. And that was it for me.

So I was letting go of one of the biggest things that’s always there for me. And so what happened was I cried a lot, I was very angry, I was scared. I didn’t tell many people because I thought, oh my God they’re just going to think I’m loopy because it was the same reaction I had when I read the book.

But I just discovered more and more about the Five Tibetans, about earth, fire, air and I just thought, you know that’s really how I want to live my life. I felt more clean, more liberated. It felt right in my gut.

When I came here I met Ray. He’s such a nice, authentic, normal guy. He’s true, and I’m very intuitive in my gut. I connected completely and I thought these are normal people, good-hearted people. We can do this, we can do this together.

All my doubts, all my fears dropped, and Ray explained it in such a normal, and scientific (which is my language), and spiritual (which is my language) way, and emotional. He talks about the different elements of the emotional, the spiritual, and the physical. And that’s important because balance is important.

But what I loved is that he also integrated manifestation, because all of a sudden we have all this free time; what am I going to do with it? If we’re not sleeping, we’re not cooking, we’re not buying food. I only sleep five hours a night for instance, and we’re so focused; there’s a lot of things that we can do in our lives, things that were in our to-do lists, that we never ever had time to do, our dreams.

We’re always thinking we have to do this, we have to do this, we have to do this; weekends are only two days and then we’re back into this brain-washed system. And to have that opportunity to just be open and go within and flow and manifest whatever we want, it’s just a unique opportunity.

I really feel like the 10-day process was a whole complete package where you get to learn how to cope in life and what to do, how to make the best of this. So it’s not just a seminar that you go to. It’s doing the process and we do love the channeling, which is my favourite by the way.

But we also did a lot of integration and our role playing; he was even very cheeky. I don’t know if I should say this because it’s a surprise, but he came in with that food (and I had my eyeballs in the bowl because it looked so good, it smelt so good, it was healthy food) to test us. Because we need to know in reality what it’s like when we come back.

But we have him on WhatsApp so we’ll be supported all the way through which is really, really good and I’m really looking forward. And the connections I made are just profound, absolutely profound, and I really feel that it’s time. A lot of people are sick of the capitalist ways, they want to become more resourceful, they want to become more sustainable, they want to become more authentic and they want to become more connected in the communities.

And I really feel that for some people, breatharianism calls us, and for me it did. Through strange ways all paths crossed, it’s very significant for me being here in Holland and being with the family that I haven’t seen for long and heal, and love. And it’s very, very significant for my time, at this point of my life to be here and experience this process, and for me I’m completely excited, and I just feel so much love for myself.

I’m very proud of myself but I also feel that when I walk now – I did before but even more now – I walk with attention, and I really love that feeling. Wherever you stand you fill up that place, but I love it, I absolutely love it, yeah. So I don’t need to recommend to anyone whether they should go or not. I think it’s mainly something for some people, and for some people I think it’s not.

And that’s okay because we’re all on a journey, and we all have our path of truth; nothing is right and nothing is wrong, it just is and that is the beauty of it. So yeah, that’s pretty much about all I want to say; search within yourself and see how this is for you and enjoy your life either way because it’s a whole world out there waiting for you, even there.

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