Pranic Living Testimonial – Lucie [2016]

So, I just finished the 10 day process and it was an amazing journey. I didn’t have any expectations. It came to me very unexpectedly. I wasn’t planning to do that or I wasn’t planning to do it at this time.

I was connected to the breatharian lifestyle for quite a while. I guess 7 years. And then it just came and it was very right for me. Like, okay this is what you need to do. This is where you are going. I was like, okay! I am going with absolutely no expectations, openness and just excitement for what is possible to happen. And I didn’t have any idea that what has happened, can happen.

From now on I really know that my life will never be the same. And I am so grateful for that. And it feels good. I feel so much energy. Yeah, oh my god! I had days when I had so much energy that I had to do yoga, dance, go for a walk. I just I didn’t know what to do with that energy.

When we were contained here, normally I would do all kind of different things and move a lot and so, yeah, I really experienced massive amounts of energy and the insights for my next steps and next journey are very clear for me during the process.

And I feel very stable and centered within myself, very content. Kind of unstoppable. I’m in fullness of myself and I know that there will be even more of me. But this just feels so good, so much like home.

It was very interesting and in certain ways pleasurable to feel myself on such a deep level. And every day when we did the meditation and breathing, I could feel like I am dropping deeper and deeper into the connection with the earth and heaven. And I could feel the massive energies extending and floating more freely.

And I went through some things which I needed to look at and change for myself so I could be more free to receive more love and light. One experience I had felt like the massive opening of my heart where the whole Universe was like loving me and me as a whole Universe was loving everything back.

The guidance of Ray and his acceptance and lovingness and calmness, groundness, realness, and connectedness has guided us in such a beautiful loving way.

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