Pranic Living Testimonial – Ewa [2017]

After the workshop, my heart opened. I went to a state where I just loved everybody and everything is just emotional. Beautiful state! I wanted to talk to everybody. I wanted to hug everybody.

And it stayed. It was not for a day. It stayed. It’s just a wonderful, wonderful thing. And I feel so free. I feel so free that I can be myself now but I am not a slave of food anymore. That I have that freedom.

Well, I should also say a few things about Ray. He’s not only gorgeous, which can be a distraction, but I guess it would be worse if it were the other way around. because you don’t want your health and transcendence teacher to look like, let’s say my grandpa in underwear. He also has the ability of being extremely flexible, really wise, easy going, he’s a freaking pleasure.

I struggled a lot with food. Really struggled. It never really felt natural for me. I usually didn’t eat because I was hungry. But I was eating because of emotions, entertainment. It’s like I was never in harmony really with eating. So, taking a breatharian workshop was amazing.

The thing is that, I was a little afraid to come here because I had PTSD. I’m saying it in the past because that’s better way to approach it. So, I did not know if I am going to be able to emotionally handle the workshop.

Well, I did. I took two emotionally healing sessions at the beginning with Ray’s assistant Leslie. That was very helpful. And you know, it doesn’t mean that I get completely healed. And when the four days came off dry fast, my body responded as if it would be assaulted and and I went to a feeling that I am dying.

So here I am feeling that I am dying and I am telling this to Ray and he laughed at me. OMG, he laughed at me. And what it created was actually so perfect, so freaking perfect. It put me in a state of reality. It just pushed me to reality. No, I am not dying. Nothing like that is happening. Actually, it’s great.

So, I survived. I survived and it wasn’t actually that horrible. Except my emotions created these feelings, which were really not necessary. There were actually people who went for it completely smoothly, easily, without any troubles. There were people who struggled.

I am so happy that I’ve taken that challenge. That I’ve actually done this thing. It feels like that workshop will open up within me.

I don’t think I have PTSD anymore. Seriously. I don’t think that I still have it because when you do something so amazing, your fears of death, your fears of challenges., it just goes away. You know you just did something which should kill you and you survive it and you feel great.

So, I am really happy and I am very grateful that Ray came here to the United States because if he didn’t it would take me 5 years to go to Israel. So I think that he bothered to come here was such a help and honestly he is wonderful. Just wonderful. Thank you.

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