Pranic Living Testimonial – Melaney [2017]

Hi. Wow, what an experience this has been!

Ray is the most masterful teacher. He is delightful in body, mind and spirit. He tends to integrate things in ways that are very unique and very solid at the same time.

So while being very spiritual, he’s also very grounded, and I really appreciate that about this process.

And the process itself was quite interesting and wonderful. In every aspect of it, we were challenged to do a little bit more, and a little bit more, and a little bit more.

And what it did for me was really help me to transcend old beliefs and old patterns, as well as some old medical issues that I had thought were still with me; that really aren’t.

Another thing is Ray really incorporates this in his life so he lives this style, and loves it with such ease and grace you can’t help but be drawn into wanting to do it yourself.

He’s just so masterful about the way that he helps weave in how you’ll be a person in this world and how you live in reality and in real life, and still live this lifestyle.

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