What is a Pranic Initiation workshop?

Pranic initiation workshop offers an opportunity for all who wish to experience what if feels like to live on Prana. Breatharianism is only one of many tools to help you with mind expanding exercises. Every workshop will have multiple parts ranging from a lecture about Mastering manifestation all the way to Vipassana meditation and physical exercise

The aim of the workshop is to help you explore your inner mastery and open your chi energy flow. Once the energy starts moving more freely through your body you will feel the difference.  The process is based on a very deep cleansing in a safe and friendly environment

What do you teach at the workshop?

Do you have any scheduled workshops close to me?

We have workshops all over the world. Maybe there is one scheduled close to you at the moment or perhaps you may need to pack that slightly bigger overseas bag and travel to that exotic destination you always wanted to visit.

All our workshops are in places with good energy flow.

Checkout below workshops currently open for applications

Does this mean I have to stop eating?

Absolutely not! But you will get the opportunity to choose…

After the workshop you can decide how you want to go about eating food and how much you want to eat. Some people stay on a very high level of Pranic nourishment some others go back to eating. All of them change their perception about the food! The decision is really only up to you

What are the previous participant saying about the workshop?

We are glad you asked!

Where can I find more information about breatharianism? See our full documentary about Ray's initiation workshop below

You can find breatharianism FAQ answered by Ray in the next two videos and also a documentary where he was featured

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