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Breatharian workshop testimonial – Phil and Kathy – Ecuador 2018

Phil and Kathy
Ecuador 2018 worskhop

Breatharian workshop testimonial – Andrew – Ecuador 2018

Ecuador 2018 workshop

Breatharian workshop testimonial – Ali – Ecuador 2018

Testimonial for breatharian workshop in Ecuador 2018 - Ali Thank you Ali for sharing your experience in such a clear way

Alex – Pranic Living Australia 2018 Testimonial

Australia 2018, Grace Testimonial

Breatharian Workshop in Ecuador 2018 – Summary

Summary video
Workshop in Ecuador 2018

Kacper Postawski – My Experience of Ray Maor’s Pranic Initiation

Nothing prepared me for what would happen next… and how drastically my life would change.

Ray Maor’s online manifestation workshop testimonial – Macy

Pranic Living Testimonial – Eric Rehnke [2017]

I’m 70 years old. This is the most challenging process that I have been in my entire life and I have been in Vietnam. I came because I want to be a Breatharian. The more of us in the world, the better. ————————————– For more information on Ray’s lectures and events, visit

Pranic Living Testimonial – Ana Rosen [2017]

I’ve always been clear that food is in my way of my divine connection. For me it was all mental. It’s by far the most rapid intense profound path to freedom. ————————————– For more information on Ray’s lectures and events, visit

Pranic Living Testimonial – Daniel [2018]

The Universe provides everything we need. The universal life force is always here. It surrounds us all the time. We just don;t know how to absorb it. ————————————– For more information on Ray’s lectures and events, visit

Pranic Living Testimonial – Caitlin [2018]

Pranic Living Testimonial – Angela Marzi [2017]

Pranic Living Testimonial – Benny & Kara [2018]

Pranic Living Testimonial – Phil & Suzanna [2018]

Pranic Living Testimonial – Gaal [2015]

Pranic Living Testimonial – Nikky [2017]

Pranic Living Testimonial – Noa [2015]

Pranic Living Testimonial – Paz [2015]

Pranic Living Testimonial – Alana [2017]

It’s amazing to see what the body can really do. In the end it’s not about food. It’s about freedom in every way.

Pranic Living Testimonial – Erez [2017]

For me the first 2 days were very hard. But on the 3rd day I woke up with so much energy and it only got stronger.

Pranic Living Testimonial – Jenn & Max [2017]

People want to feel bad for you because you don’t eat. For me this is luxury living. And I love luxury 🙂

Pranic Living Testimonial – Max [2017]

The process made me spiritual. Now I can see that my body and I are one. Makes you look at life differently.

Pranic Living Testimonial – Lian [2017]

Anyone who feels a mix bag of fear, excitement , nervousness, that’s OK. I felt those too, and I got so much more …

Pranic Living Testimonial – Elizabeth [2017]

I did not feel tired. I was not week. I was full of energy. That’s because Ray knows how to lead us to gain that energy.

Pranic Living Testimonial – Sandra [2017]

The most blissful day was no food, no water and no talking. I went on a hike and ever so slowly appreciate everything.

Pranic Living Testimonial – Jennifer [2017]

I love the 10 day process SO MUCH that I want to share it with my whole family. I feel so good today, I’m loving my life!

Pranic Living Testimonial – Cheryl [2017]

For me the 10 day process was an incredible experience. I don’t feel hungry or thirsty at all. I just feel completely nourished & full of energy.

Pranic Living Testimonial – Danielle [2017]

The people got me through it. My beautiful group all offered their talents to support each other. That is how we are going to lead humanity.

Pranic Living Testimonial – Oleg [2017]

Amazing experience! My brain was telling me, “It’s impossible, this is not happening,” but there was this side of me that said “You got to do it!”

Pranic Living Testimonial – Sharon [2017]

I feel many things. I feel so much closer to nature, to trees and birds and animals, it’s just amazing. I can feel the changes in my body happening.

Pranic Living Testimonial – Melaney [2017]

The process really helped me to transcend old beliefs and old patterns, as well as some old medical issues that I thought were still with me.

Pranic Living Testimonial – Diana [2017]

When you come to the 10 Day Process you really don’t know what’s going to come up inside of you. It truly has been a transformational process.

Pranic Living Testimonial – Ewa [2017]

It’s just a wonderful thing. I feel so free that I can be myself now and I am not a slave of food anymore. That I have that freedom.

Pranic Living Testimonial – Shekib [2015]

I have all these dreams and ambitions and I know that I am the creator of my life. I know that I am the creator of my experience. It’s nice.

Pranic Living Testimonial – Vanessa [2015]

If we’re not buying food, cooking, eating, sleeping much, all of a sudden we have all this free time. What am I going to do with it?

Pranic Living Testimonial – Lucie [2016]

I just finished the 10 day process and It gave me so much energy. I had days when I had so much energy that I had to do yoga, dance, walk, etc

Pranic Living Testimonial – Annette [2016]