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Q33 What is the key to maintaining balance in your life

Home Davide

Q32 What do you consider to be two major turning points in your life

Home Davide

Q31 Has anything happened to you that made you believe in GOD

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Q30 How do you have pressure and stress

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Q29 What are the assumptions you make about people

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Q28 Why do people do what they do

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Q27 Which type of mentor should I take

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Q26 What is your greatest strength and what do you do to develope it

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Q25 What is your greatest fear and what do you do to over come it

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Q23 How would you describe your mother and her impact on your life

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Q24 What do you think would surprise people about you

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Q21 How are you growing personally

More Videos & Workshops on www.raymaor.com

Q21 How are you growing personally

More Videos & Workshops on www.raymaor.com

Q20 What character do you imagine yourself to be

Home Davide

Q18 What is the difference between freedom and liberty

Home Davide

Q17 Are we all one

Home Davide

Q16-What is wisdom and how to gain it

Home Davide

Q15-What is your greatest wish for the world

Home Davide

Q15-What is your greatest wish for the world

Home Davide

Q14 What is the greatest quality that people possess

Home Davide

Q13-What prevents us from reaching our full potential

Home Davide

Q12-What is the meaning of life

Home Davide

Q11 Describe heaven and how to get there

Home Davide

Q10W-hat happens to you after you die

Home Davide

Q9-What is our greatest distraction

Home Davide

Q8-How does one obtain true peace

Home Davide

Q7-What are we all so afraid off?

Home Davide

Q6-Which exercise can you recommend to live in the present moment

Home Davide

Q5-What does it mean to live in the present moment

Home Davide

Q4-Why are so many people depressed

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Q3-Why do you keep watching the news

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Q2-Why is there poverty in the world+why is there suffering

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Q1-How should I act upon aggression

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Q0-Introduction+why is there suffering

The beginning of a long playlist of Q&A with me about life. Home Davide

Evil won…for now…

Dear friends, evil has won the battle, but not the war. It’s always darkest before dawn and we can clearly see how life has become harder over the past 2 years. BUT! it is only a temporary drawback for something bigger and better. 00:00 – Intro 00:23 – What do i mean? 00:32 – Awakening […]

Tired of suffering? DO THIS.

Although misery and pain are given and are an integral part of human nature, the literal suffering is purely a choice. In this video, let’s talk about how to convert your misery into an ally. 00:00 – Intro 00:20 – Converting misery 00:50 – Examples of voluntary suffering 02:15 – Where do you put your […]

You’re addicted to your own complexity!

*** VISIT MY WEBSITE *** Home Davide *** Fully supported ONLINE breatharian course this September! *** Fully Supported LIVE Online Breatharian Initiation – USA & Canada September 2022 *** Business inquiries *** Contact Us 00:00 – Intro 00:17 – What is complexity? 00:46 – Negativity vs positivity 01:10 – Its always been us. 01:30 – […]

That’s it? It’s THAT easy?!

When in doubt or just in a state of ponder, ask yourself 3 questions that will help you orient yourself. It is imperative to do so from the very root of all questions. which is WHO AM I? The rest? see for yourself 🙂 00:00 – Intro 00:35 – How to ask 01:02 – Who […]

You may be a bit dramatic…

Each and every one of us is or was guilty of it at some point, indulging in drama to the point we embody the suffering we endure. Despite such truth, it is not necessary at all! You can rid yourself of drama altogether and it’s easier than you think. *** Grab a spot at our […]

Why the world will soon stop animal suffering

All outer suffering is a direct reflection of our current state of being. Change your being, and you change the world! 00:00 – Intro 00:20 – Why the world will veganize 00:40 – the world is a mirror of ourselves 01:50 – The human consciousness 02:50 – Humanizing everything 03:55 – How change will seep […]

When thoughts and deeds are misaligned

5 rules for a truly THRIVING business

2 Universal laws you SHOULDN’T break

Is it OK to do ‘bad’ for the greater good?!?

There are plenty of examples in the world of people who do ‘bad’ for the greater good. A loan shark ruining lives to support his family. A Drug dealer inciting violence to pay for mom’s hospital bills. In no way am I to judge such people, however, doing bad in order to do good DOESN’T […]

How to step out of your own victimization!

Check out of coming personal development fully supported online workshops: Home Davide

How to stop binging all that sugar – 2 great tips!

JOIN OUR ONLINE RETREAT - *** VISIT MY WEBSITE *** https://www.raymaor.com

How NOT to get attached

The perspective on COVID is changing! In a good way!

Without a shred of doubt, Covid is by far the biggest world shaker we’ve had in a while, So many people have lost their jobs and were locked in their homes with no means of self sustenance. However, this pandemic has also triggered an incredible wave of awakening around the world. This video will cover […]

The failure of our financial system and the rise of a new one

The darkness within you is YOUR teacher!

Your orgasms can last LONGER!

Materialism and Spirituality can Coexist!

Your belief has to change – But you don’t!

Invitation to Fully Integrated Online Breatharian Initiation – Beginning March 2022 (Total 58 days)

As part of the world moving to ONLINE programs – we have decided to open a remote “do it at home” fully supported workshop. Depending on your location around the globe – the next one is in March. See full details below Fully Supported Online Breatharian Initiation – USA & Canada 2022

Human, why you sleeping!? Copy

Human, why you sleeping!?

How to Awaken and Let go

How to forgive an unforgivable act

How to understand the Afterlife

YOU have to LET your LOVED ones DOWN.

You DON’T want to remember THIS

God Is NOT Love

3 Scientific Methods Of Reaching Alpha Brain Waves

In this video I want to share with you the importance of Alpha waves. The alpha waves are a form of brain wave that are emitted when we are relaxed, content, and generally at peace. Here I will thoroughly explain to you how to reach the alpha brain wave state without any expensive equipment or […]

For those who are tired of life

The truth about the Jewish people

In this video, I’ll be shedding some light on the Jewish “sin”. The Jews were were also scattered all over the world 2000 years ago and have always held key positions while acquiring, maintaining, and retaining knowledge. That being said, enjoy the video and namaste. *** I do not own the music in this video […]

Modern Medicine’s UGLY truths

In this video we will discuss the some of the pharmaceutical industry’s darkest truths, as well as some of the origins of modern medicine. The analysis is there to show you the money machine the field of medicine has become. For quite some time we are supposedly getting ”better” at treating illnesses and at the […]

Stress management 101


The no commitment detox method


How-to Discipline yourself against a hard environment

How to understanding emotional value of food (emotional eating)

Emotional eating? Find out how to redefine your emotional eating patterns, where they come from and win the battle with them. Check out more videos on: Home Music credits: Coming Home – Atch _ Track # 400 Macfc Creamy – Limujii _ Track # 426 Macfc Electric Ten – Broke in Summer Track # 440 […]

Life Has No Meaning

What is the meaning of life and why do we bother chasing it and forcing ourselves to find it. How the meaning of our life change as we age and differs according to our own belief system. All this and more. Home Music credit – Coming Home – Atch _ Track # 400 Macfc Creamy […]

Just shut-up and Listen

Just shut-up and Listen more The art of listening to the other side in communication is really a good tool to have today. It can save lots of miscommunication and frustration. Here are some tips on how to stay clear and avoid common pitfalls in communication Enjoy the video!

7 daily practices for longevity

7 daily practices for longevity How to extend your life naturally and live longer Enjoy the video!

What was I up to in the last few months

What was I up to in the last few months? So what has happened in my life in the past few months and why have I disappeared for a while. Great news is that I am back to offer new workshops!

Radical Self Acceptance

Radical Self Acceptance Practicing Radical Self Acceptance can change your life. Try these simple steps and see it for yourself.

5 methods to increase your positive masculinity

5 methods to increase your positive masculinity Masculinity has been labeled as Toxic for quite some time now. There are 5 simple methods to use that creative masculine energy in more supportive way. For your self and others.

Spiral Dynamics Yellow – No Judgment

Spiral Dynamics Yellow - No Judgment In this video we talk about the Yellow Stage of Spiral Dynamics and how it relates to Green, Blue and Orange stages

Who is the librarian in your story? YOU ARE!

Spiral Dynamics Green – 90% Of Us Are Stuck Here!!

According to the theory of Spiral Dynamics, Green consciousness is.. well… green in it’s core. Green people like activism, equality, spirituality etc but come with a certain limitations… 1:26 Color Green – characteristics of this consciousness 3:05 Green sees everyone and everything as equal 4:16 Green needs to go through Orange phase 5:43 Activism, Live […]

Energy update for July 2020

Energy update for July 2020 Enjoy the video!

Spiral Dynamics – Orange

Spiral Dynamics - Stage Orange What are the representations of Orange color according to Leo Gura's Spiral Dynamics Enjoy the video!

Spiral Dynamics – Blue

Spiral Dynamics - Stage Blue Have you heard of Leo Gura's Spiral Dynamics Blue people's characteristics? Enjoy the video!

Suffering can be good for you

Suffering can be good for you Suffering is a part of life. A lot of lessons can be learned from this great teacher. The trick with this teacher is to move away when the lesson is absorbed

11 Stages of Water Fasting

11 Stages of Water Fasting

Dalai Lama’s 4 secrets for Happiness

Dalai Lama's 4 secrets for Happiness How to be happy - Dalai Lama's 4 secrets to happiness Enjoy the video!

Alien Open Contact

How soon until the open contact with aliens? Open contact time is approaching. Are you ready?

Masters and Disasters

Masters and Disasters - 4 scientific causes of divorce or a breakup. There are some very noticeable traits of successful couples and marriages. Let's talk about them so that we can all learn from each other ? Enjoy the video!

Scientific facts about Breatharians

Scientific facts about Breatharians and Breatharianism (Pranic living) How and why does breatharinism work from (partially) scientific point of view? Enjoy the video!

Things to avoid while in quarantine

Coronavirus - Things to avoid while in quarantine Let's talk about the things that should be observed carefully while in quarantine so that we don't end up losing our energy unnecessary. This is the time of energy preservation for the change that's coming

Coronavirus – Things to do at home

Coronavirus quarantine - Positive things to do at home Alchemy is a skill of turning a metal into gold - negative experience into a positive one. Here are some things you can "extract" from this coronavirus experience that will actually work in your favor

Coronavirus and Emotional eating

Coronavirus - How to deal with overeating and emotional eating If you are struggling with emotional eating during the lockdown this video may help you with a few ways how to battle them nasty cravings Enjoy the video!

★★ Calling everyone to join the largest “heal coronavirus” meditation today 4.4.2020★★

Hey friends. Please join me and all other spiritual mentors in the  global meditation that takes place today (or tomorrow for those in the other  side of the world).  Our united energy is helpful and can move worlds! So let's all make an effort and give out best. Only 20 minutes! Mass Meditation for Optimal Ascension Timeline /  End [...]

Coronavirus in 5D perspective

Coronavirus - 3D vs 5D perspective on what is going on right now A different perspective on Coronavirus and how it plays an important role for moving into 5D reality Enjoy the video!

Coronavirus – Dr. Bruce Lipton’s Opinion Summary (Biology and Genetics expert)

Hey friends, as I am also quarantined at home with plenty of time I want to highlight some important point taken from Dr. Bruce Lipton's new Corona Video of Biology and Genetics expert: A virus itself is not a living thing, it is information. The virus acts like computer memory card with information stored on [...]

Judging other people and self-judgment

Ascension Mastery #9 - Judging other people and self-judgment Everyone knows that judging other people is not good, right? In this video I talk about self-judgment and judging others and also why not doing so, actually helps us to ascend. Blessings to you all!

I am vs (S)He is meditation

I am meditation vs (S)He is meditation Meditating on I Am we concentrate on ourselves and our own experience. Meditating on She/He is we concentrate on God's presence in our lives. There is a certain advantage to both approaches explained in this video

The corona madness – what you don’t think about

How to do a Coffee Enema Science doesn’t fully understand the world's virus network. The viruses in the air are not considered to be a living thing. In fact they are small capsules of information that only arise when a suitable host is found.   They cannot live independently. They have been here since the [...]

Recognizing the Spiritual Balance Point

Ascension Master #8 - Spiritual balance We are not living in a dual world any more if we introduce the point of balance as a third place to possibly be in. Being able to find that point in any situation will be of help in your ascension process

My DMT 5 MEO Experience

DMT 5 MEO - New Spirit drug medicine is out We all heard of fairy tales about frogs being kissed and massive transformations happening afterwards, right? But what if they are not just stories and fairy tales? ???

Energy Update for March 2020

Energy Update for March 2020 March 2020 energy is bringing a pack of opportunity for us to work on ourselves. Check out my prediction what will get quite a lot of energetic attention in the upcoming month Enjoy the video!

Why exercising doesn’t make you to lose weight

Why exercising doesn't cause you to lose weight Unless you are exercising on a professional or semi-professional level, you may be surprised to find out that the exercise itself is not going to make you lose as much weight as you may think

The 13 characteristics of creation

Ascension master #7 - The 13 characteristics of the Creation Here are 13 characteristics of the Creation that, when recognized, can help us describe yourself essay achieve a balanced mastery of our own life Check out the author of the 13 primordial characteristics here Essentiality: Accelerated Spiritual Awakening

How to talk to your DNA

How to talk to your DNA Your DNA is always listening to what you are talking to yourself inside of your own head. Be kind and constructive in your... monologues 🙂

Finding clues to your path

Ascension master #6 - Finding clues to your path Following the clues and following your highest excitement will get you to experience things in your life that normally you would miss. Excitement is a beautiful organizing principle of the Creator. If you haven't already, give it a try and see what happens

Avoid asking these questions

Ascension master #5 - Avoid asking these questions Some questions are meant to keep you searching for the answer because the search and the experience of searching is the actual answer. Don't fall into this trap. Unless you wish to, of course ?

Shifting from Ego to Love

Ascension master #4 - Shifting from Ego (Fear) to Love Ego is not your enemy. It is simply something that you have got as a tool to play with your transformation ability. Transforming Ego into a Spirit is a journey and here are some tips you can use to make it more effective

Hierarchy of Creation’s Light

Ascension mastery #3 - Hierarchy of Creation's Light Hierarchy of creation is not about the importance of each layer compared to the other layers. It's about connection of one layer to the upper and lower layers. Understanding this can significantly help you on your journey to ascension mastery

My top 5 book recommendations

My top 5 book recommendations for spiritual & personal awakening These 5 books can change your life. Some of them are available in Audio formats if you prefer to "read" that way.

Energy update for 2020

Energy update for 2020 2020 will not lack in opportunities to work on ourselves and here are a few things to utilize and keep an eye on while going through the process

Duality and Polarity of the Human Journey

Ascension mastery #2 - Duality of the Human Journey How to get the best out of this Dual world by understanding why we got here in the first place and how this reality really works Enjoy the video!

Understanding 5 Love Languages

Understanding 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman Dr. Gary Chapman in his book 5 love languages explained that different people experience love differently. If you or your partner are getting frustrated because you don't think you receive as much love as you give out, perhaps you speak two different love dialects..

The Manifestation Engine

Ascension mastery #1 - The Manifestation Engine According to Bashar, The Law of Attraction is one of the fundamental laws in the Universe that is always correct. it's a powerful tool when used correctly and can manifest almost anything we desire. Works stronger if group of people are synchronized on achieving the same goal. Check [...]

I Love My Life Exercise

I Love My Life Exercise How to be positive, raise vibration and feel love for life - in one simple exercise. I love and practice this all the time and it works. Give it a try and let me know how it goes for you ? Enjoy the video!

Use Circadian Rhythm to Sleep Better

Use Circadian Rhythm to Sleep Better Circadian rhythms describe quite well the habits our bodies like. Just by observing how these rhythms work we can learn how to sleep better and feel better. And this is the pre-step we have to make before we do anything else. Enjoy the video!

Difference between Ego and Guidance

Difference between Ego and Guidance What is the difference between the ego and guidance? Sometimes it's hard to tell between the two but there are some tricks you can use to differentiate them. The reason why you want to do that is that by following your intuition it gets stronger after a while. The same [...]

Use Radical Remission to heal

Use Radical Remission to heal Radical remission is a very effective way of healing our body and mind. According to Dr. Kelly A. Turner who invented the method, there are 9 factors that affect the healing process

How to Stop Overthinking in 5 Steps

How to Stop Overthinking in 5 Steps Overthinking can use quite a lot of our energy and knowing how to stop overthinking is the key to preserving that energy and using it for something else. In this video I talk about a few ways that help me to stop the overthinking process before it becomes [...]

4 Stages of Competence and Knowing

4 Stages of Competence and Knowing In this video I am not talking about knowing information but having the wisdom about something. We either have or we don't. We are either aware of it or we are not. There sill be lots of combinations of "knows" and "dont's" in this video but bear with me [...]

15 Signs of Awakening

15 Signs of Awakening Signs of Spiritual Awakening are many but here are my top 15 picks together with explanation and tips how to best utilize them and get the most of the beautiful journey you are on right now Enjoy the video! How to do a Coffee Enema Coffee enema vs Water enema - [...]

NLP Crash Course

NLP Crash Course There are two simple visualization techniques that may help you get rid of the old belief system that is not serving you anymore. The best time to try them out is straight after watching this video 🙂

Stop chasing love

Stop chasing love If you want to catch a butterfly wear a colorful shirt, go in the nature and sit still until one lands on you. That butterfly has chosen you and you didn't have to put too much effort in. What if finding a partner is just as easy?

3 Types of Twin Flames

3 Types of Twin Flames If you still haven't found your twin flame there are a few things you can do to make sure you can recognize them when you meet them (even if you already did). At the end of the video I give you an exercise to help attract your twin flame. Enjoy [...]

Attract anything in your life

Attract anything in your life by removing the importance of ever achieving it Manifesting anything is much easier if we are not overloaded with expectations and thoughts about will it happen or not. Releasing the importance of the result is actually bringing us closer to the desired outcome. To visualize this, imagine yourself walking a [...]

How to explain yourself more effectively

How to communicate and explain yourself more effectively and persuasively Sometimes it can be hard to transfer the message or an opinion we have about something to someone else because we are only focused on trying to Explain and not so much on other person being able to Understand what we wish to transfer. To [...]

Biohack your sleep and have more energy

Biohack your sleep and have more energy There is a way to sleep less and feel more energized at the same time. Polyphasic sleeping is a great biohack tool that you can implement in about 3-4 days if you start tonight...

Tantric sex for beginners

Tantric sex for beginners Tantra is a powerful way to connect with our partner (and ourselves) while at the same time exploring the limits of our body. And at the same time it can be very rewarding. "Good things come to those who wait" is a perfect description of what to expect from a tantric [...]

Biohacking your body and mind

Biohacking your body and mind Bio-hacking is a powerful tool that can be used to better integrate body, mind and soul. Even though it may sound complicated, bio-hacking is actually pretty simple and easy to do. See my top 4. tips on how to use this technique!

6 enemies of the mind

6 enemies of the mind There are 6 enemies that work against raising our consciousness. Greed, Attachment, Pride, Lust, Anger and Jealousy are usually feeding our ego. But there are some tricks to work through all of them.

Polyamorous and open relationships

Polyamorous and open relationships Polyamorous (or Polyamoric) relationships are becoming more popular today because we are expanding our connection potential with other human beings. But monogamous relationships allow for a deeper connection. Check out this video of my personal experiences through these deep (or shallow if you will) waters! Enjoy the video!

Kundalini vs Pranic energy

Difference between Kundalini and Pranic energies Difference between Pranic and Kundalini energy can be experienced physically. The use of each energy serves a different purpose and can be used to achieve different goals. Enjoy the video!

How to stay in your heart space

How to stay in your heart space (when dealing with difficult people) It can be very hard to stay in your hear center when someone keeps pushing your buttons but there are a few tricks that can help in doing just that - staying grounded and heart centered! Enjoy the video!

Why do we gain weight after 30

Why do we gain weight after 30? Why is it that when we reach 30 we struggle to lose weight? Check out this video and a few ideas that may help to break the weight gaining spell and help you get back into shape Enjoy the video!

How to get powerful orgasms

How to get powerful orgasms There are certain steps that can help us have stronger orgasms. Don't let the simplicity trick you! 🙂 Enjoy the video!

Stop listening to what other people think

Stop listening to what other people think - about EVERYTHING! Don't let other people tell you their version of the world. You are born to bring your own uniqueness to this place not necessarily to fit into the old paradigm. We all need you to be - simply you! 🙂 Enjoy the video!

Should you choose a guru or a mentor

Should you choose a guru or a mentor? What is the difference between a teacher (mentor) and a guru and what is the best way to get the most out of both. Is spiritual ego a thing? Check it out in this video! 🙂

Should we ban violent sports

Should we ban violent sports Should we completely ban violent forms of entertainment including violent sports and video games? Enjoy the video!

Energy Update – August 2019

Energy Update - August 2019 Energy update for August 2019 - Change is the only constant in life. You can definitely use this change to your own benefit 🙂 Enjoy the video!

The Vegan nightmare

The Vegan Nightmare - Plants can actually feel when being eaten Can plants feel pain? And if they do, how does that affect us? Vegan diet definitely has it's benefits but there is more to it than just not killing animals Enjoy the video!

4 levels of breatharianism

4 levels of breatharianism There are 4 different levels of breatharianism starting from occasional detoxing person all the way to someone who doesn't eat nor drink at all. In this video I talk about each level and what it represents.

Fasting Tips & Tricks – Dealing with social pressure

Fasting Tips & Tricks - Dealing with social pressure Have you ever tried dry fasting for as little as 24 hours and at the slightest sign of weakness people around you start picking up on your fear and amplifying it?

Signs of change in your life

Signs about the change entering your life You have probably experienced many of these things just before the major change happened in your life - you have ended your relationship, your job, decided to go and travel into the unknown... There are certain hints to help us recognize the change is coming Enjoy the video!

How to work on your shadow-self

How to work on your shadow-self Seeing our shadow is one of the most important things we could ever do to help ourselves expand; which is the main reason that we are here after all. Expand and serve Gaia and humanity. We all have secrets, we all have fixations, we all have some darkness, some [...]

Dry Fasting – Symptoms and Red Flags

Dry Fasting - Symptoms and Red Flags There are certain symptoms we can experience while dry fasting that can indicate that we may want to reconsider exiting our dry fast and re-tweaking  our approach. Feeling light headed, dizzy, continuously weak are just a few of symptoms that can raise a red flag to make us [...]

How to stop food cravings?

How to stop food cravings? Food cravings can be really difficult to deal with. How to stop food cravings or even control them is a good skill to have under your belt, pun intended 🙂 Check out this video to hear about 4 different ways how you can effectively deal with the cravings and neutralize [...]

Extend your life using The Four Elements

Extend your life using The Four Elements Who wouldn't want to live longer? There are a lot of scientific breakthroughs recently that promise extending lifespan significantly. But what if there is an easier way that is completely natural and you probably have everything you need right at your home? Enjoy the video!

Unlimited abundance exercise

Unlimited abundance exercise You have probably seen the Inception movie and you probably liked it. There is a way how you can use the "Inception principle" to manifest the best life you can imagine. I explain in this video how to do that

Fasting and Sex Drive

Fasting and Sex Drive Dry fasting in itself can make you weak and closed off to any sexual activity. But some people experience a boost in sexual drive after fasting for shorter periods. This video talks about what's going on with the sex drive while (dry) fasting

Positive Karma and how to use it

Positive Karma and how to use it Do you believe in Karma? Are you ready to let go of karmic debt concept? What is the difference between Individual Karma and Group (National) Karma? This video discusses all of this and more..

What is my spirit animal

What is my spirit animal (power animal) - visualization exercise Do you know what is your spirit (or power) animal? There is a reason why we get connected to the energy of a certain animal or sometimes even multiple animals. This video may help you figuring out why even having an ant as a power [...]

My profound Death and Rebirth experience

My profound Death and Rebirth experience In this video I will share with you guys one of the most intimate and exciting experiences I have ever had - the re-birthing experience. Enjoy the video! DISCLAIMER, I don't recommend experimenting with DMT or any other psychedelics. This is only a description of my own personal experience

Energy forecast June 2019

Energy forecast June 2019 The energy forecast for June 2019. Can you feel the shift?

Seeing repeating numbers everywhere and what it means

Seeing repeating numbers everywhere and what it means What does it mean when you keep seeing multiple repeating numbers everywhere you look at? Long story short - you are blessed! Check out this video for more info ?

ONE QUESTION – What would love do now?

ONE QUESTION - What would love do now? One question, The Most Important Question we should ask ourselves every day when we get angry or agitated in a particular situation - What would love do now? I hope you find some answers in this video ?

The power of Letting Go and Accepting What Is

The power of Letting Go and Accepting What Is Practicing Letting go and Accepting What Is, are probably the best two exercises we can use to work on our spiritual evolution today. Find out why in this video!

Benefits of breathing deeply

Benefits of deep breathing Benefits of deep breathing (slowly) are many - starting from extending our lives all the way to helping us with our meditation practice. Do you have time to breathe deeply on a daily basis? In this video I share some of my experiences and thoughts about the importance of having a [...]

5 steps to become more mindful

5 steps to be more mindful There are 5 things we can start practicing, right now, to help expand our mindfulness and become more happy and grounded in our day to day life. Steps include being more patient, more trusting, exercising non-judgment with other people, learning to not strive for the final result, surrendering and [...]

Internal spiritual work

Self development and Internal spiritual work Internal spiritual work can bring so many benefits and speed up our personal development. Check out this video to learn how and why! ?

Sungazing vs Breatharinism

Sungazing vs Breatharinism What are the differences between breatharinism and sungazing. Without going into too much details about the techniques this is a quick overview of what each practice brings to the table and why would you want to try each one and also what you can expect. Enjoy the video!

Law of attraction applied – Using the divine reflection to develop yourself spiritually

Law of attraction applied - Using the divine reflection to develop yourself spiritually Using the Law of attraction and divine reflection to learn our lessons can sometimes be tricky as it involves some level of introspection of our own behavior patterns and judgments. This video is all about discovering why this is so important step [...]

Shifting to a parallel reality to manifest best life + Exercise

Shifting to a parallel reality to manifest best life + Exercise Shifting to a parallel reality can help us in manifesting certain things in our life. You can use a technique that will allow you to contact yourself in parallel universe that already has the thing you wish for and compare the energy to figure [...]

How to get what you want by removing expectations and importance – Law of Attraction applied

How to get what you want by removing expectations and importance - Law of Attraction applied How to get what you want and why you should focus on lowering your expectations and importance significantly to get better results. You can improve the Law of Attraction by removing the need to get something and by surrendering [...]

Positive affirmations for success – Create perfect affirmations in 2 steps

Create positive affirmations for success in 2 steps In this video I talk about how to create positive affirmations for success using 2 simple steps process that you can use to manifest the life you want.  Enjoy the video!

How to clear karma using extended ho’oponopono technique

How to clear karma using extended ho'oponopono technique Karmic cleanse can help with living a happy life. How to clear karma is a matter of forgiveness and it always comes down to releasing the energy trapped with the other person that we feel harmed us in some way. In this video you will discover an [...]

How to meditate for beginners

How to meditate for beginners How to meditate properly to get the benefits of meditation has been a hot topic for a very long time. In this video I talk about how to meditate for beginners and explain some simple tips and tricks you can use to make your meditations more enjoyable and effective Enjoy [...]

Dangers of 5G network

Dangers of 5G network Is 5G technology dangerous or safe? What are the health risks of 5G and can it be harmful to humans and animals? How to protect yourself from 5G. All this and more covered in this video. Enjoy the video!

How much weight you are going to lose fasting

How much weight you are going to lose fasting How to lose weight fast and how much weight will you lose while fasting. This video includes some numbers and data that you can use to calculate how much weight you, potentially, can lose with different types of fasting. There are 4 variables that will also [...]

How to do a Coffee Enema

How to do a Coffee Enema Coffee enema vs Water enema - what is the difference and how to do it yourself at home. This is a bit touchy topic to talk about so I give some tips and tricks to make the experience more pleasant if you decide to try it. Enjoy the video!

Two supplements – Shilajit and ORMUS Gold

Two supplements to improve your health - Shilajit and ORMUS Gold Shilajit and ORMUS gold are two supplements I sometimes take to make my body healthier and stronger and to reach better spiritual connection while meditating. In this video I explain each one in detail. Enjoy the video!

Differences between Alternative Complimentary and Modern medicine

Differences between Alternative vs Complimentary vs Modern medicine What are the actual differences between Alternative, Complimentary and Modern medicine? What are the pros and cons in using each one to improve your health? In this video I talk about the different medicine system currently in place today and how to choose the best one for [...]

How to Stop Caring What People Think of You

How to Stop Caring What People Think of You How to stop caring what other people think is a delicate skill because we are trying to find the balance of accepting and expressing into the world our own uniqueness and, at the same time, trying to be accepted by society. Stop worrying about other people [...]

How to break a fast

How to break a (dry) fast I you ever decide to try dry fasting or water fasting you probably have been thinking what is the best way to break your fast. Can you start eating solid foods straight away or is there perhaps a better way that will allow your body to readjust accordingly? In [...]

My DMT Experience with the Spirit Molecule

My DMT Experience My personal experience with DMT was... well, really something! Dimetiltriptamin or DMT is a spirit molecule that has a strong connection with our birth, death and dreaming. In this video I talk about what I encountered while experimenting with this psychedelic medicine DISCLAIMER, I don't recommend experimenting with DMT. This is only [...]

Parallel Universes Meditation – Full Webinar

Parallel Universes Meditation - Full Webinar Enjoy the recording of the first webinar in 2019 - Parallel Universe Meditation!

Dry Fasting – Do’s and Dont’s for a long Dry Fast

Dry Fasting - Do's and Dont's for a long Dry Fast How to dry fast properly? How to dry fast safely? What are the benefits of dry fasting and what are the dry fasting results you can expect for doing a dry fast for 24 hours, 3 days or even longer.. What is the difference [...]

How to heal depression

How to heal depression Let't talk about depression. Many of us have experienced this feeling of unease after a serious breakup or by having a serious problem in our life. Luckily, there are some things we can do to make this a little bit easier.

How to supercharge your water

How to supercharge your water? Water is a living organism. It remembers all the information about the environment it has spent some time in. Cleansing your water can be done in two parts - cleaning impurities like fluoride, chlorine and other pollutants but also cleansing informational pollution. In this video I talk about different ways [...]

Which Fast to Try? (dry fasting, water fasting or intermittent fasting)

Which Fast to Try? (dry fasting, water fasting or intermittent fasting) Dry fasting, water fasting or intermittent fasting - which one is best for you? Today we understand that putting our body in a fasting-mode can trigger a lot of health benefits. Now it's just a question - which fast to try first and which [...]

How Society judges new ideas

First they ignore you…
Society judgments

How To Overcome Difficulties While Fasting

How To Overcome Difficulties While Fasting Doing a dry fasting, intermittent fasting or even a water fasting can surface up some difficulties that will make fasting look difficult and make you want to stop it before finishing. There will be a lot of body detox, mental detox and food cravings coming to the surface and [...]

Breatharianism – Benefits of fasting combined with living on prana

Benefits of breatharian lifestyle

How to become psychic – tips on improving your psychic abilities

If you’ve ever wondered if you are psychic - you are. We all are. It’s just that most of us don’t recognize our psychic abilities because we are too clogged up with mental chatter. Our minds are filled with noise and that noise at blocks out the information that is all around us. If we [...]

How to deal with a breakup – 5 tips for dealing with a harsh breakup

How to deal with a breakup Getting over a breakup can be hard. How to heal from a breakup can be even harder. In this video I talk about my own personal experience going through some pretty harsh breakups that left me devastated but also made me see the opportunity to grow. Tips to get [...]

How Tantric Sex Transformed me video

How Tantric Sex Transformed me video Did you know that sex is actually an ancient spiritual practice? If you’re like me, you’ve probably had sex that was not spiritual at all. That’s okay, for many of us, that’s the case. In this video, I’m going to explain how my experiences with tantra transformed me, and [...]

Energy Shift Update – December 2018

Energy Shift
Dec 2018 into 2019

Is life a dream – Lucid dreams can help you wake up in this life

Is life a dream – Lucid dreams can help you wake up in this life In this video I talk about lucid dreams and give my view on the question "Is Life a Dream?". I also talk about what happens when we die and wake up to our higher self and how you can wake [...]

How to dry fast – benefits of dry fasting and intermittent fasting

Dry fasting explained - benefits of dry fast and intermittent fasting How to dry fast and what are the benefits of dry fasting? In this video I share my experiences and results of dry fasting and explain how to do it properly. 1 day dry or intermittent fasting a week can do a lot in [...]

Uptrend cycles of spiritual awakening and growth

Uptrend cycles of spiritual awakening and growth Going through our life and spiritual journey we have a mixture of uptrend and downtrend periods where our spiritual growth and awakening cycles have multiple peaks and bottoms. But one thing is for sure - we are almost always going upwards on our life journey even though sometimes [...]

How to stop binge eating and emotional eating

How to stop binge eating and emotional eating Have you ever had that feeling that you are eating more than what you actually want to eat or than your body actually requires? You may be binge eating (or emotional eating). In this video I will talk about tips how to stop trying to find comfort [...]

Is Money the Root of All Evil?

Is Money the Root of All Evil? Is money the root of all evil or is it a form of energy? Can it be both? In this video I talk about why we need to change our perception about money and how I, through my own personal experiences with loss of everything, got to where [...]

How to deal with a narcissist

How to deal with a narcissist How to deal with a narcissist - spot signs of narcissism and learn how to deal with and how to disarm a narcissist. If you know a person who constantly blaming you, has superiority complex and is seeking never ending attention and validation, you may have come across someone [...]

Special message for 11.11.18 – This Sunday an energy shift is occurring

Hi everyone. I wanted to write about the coming energetic shift that is occurring on Sunday 2 days from now. The 11.11.18 gate is opening. Most of you have probably felt that the last few weeks \ months have been intense – to say the least. This could have been felt at any level. You might have […]

Limitations unlimited – learn to limit yourself in a limitless world

Limitations unlimited learn to limit yourself in a limitless world You probably heard of Barry Schwartz's Paradox of Choice. In this video I talk about how putting certain types of limits on our body and mind can actually be good for us. Minimalism is good for you Topics discussed: 0:26 Too many options and choices [...]

Are you a lightworker? – What is a light worker and what are the signs of being one

You may be asking yourself – Am I a lightworker? Or even trying to figure out what type of lightworker are you. In this video I talk about how to become a lightworker and even more importantly – how to realize that you are one. Also, learn how do Acturians, Pleiadians and Lyrans fit in […]

4 easy ways to be happier – Make Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins work in your favor

Everybody wants to feel good. In this video, I talk about brain chemicals that help us feel happy (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins) and share 4 methods to start feeling more happy. Enjoy the video! What are the DOSE chemicals? 0:31 Dopamine – Connection with an anticipation of a certain event 1:30 Oxytocin – Helps […]

How to be more present in the moment by grounding yourself in reality

How to be more present and being grounded spiritually is a mater of remembering to ground yourself into whatever it is that you are doing right now. That way you are grounding your energy and getting most out of your time here on Earth Enjoy the video! Subtopics (for easy navigation) 0:55 Feeling like you […]

Can Free Will and Destiny coexist and what is the difference between them

What is a Free Will and how it relates to our Destiny? Do animals have free will? In this video I talk about why we can’t change our Destiny (Our Theme) and how to use our Free will to change everything else Subtopics covered: 0:37 What is a Free will? 1:34 How it relates to […]

Listening to your inner voice and breaking negative thinking patterns

Listening to your inner voice can help you break your negative thinking patterns. All you have to do is – agree with everything it has to say! Learn more on how to stop thinking negative thoughts in this video. Hope you will enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed making it 🙂 ? Easy navigation: […]

How to have tantric sex and use your sexual energy – Part 2

How to have tantric love – video Part 2. Why is it important to develop deep connection with your partner to have a better orgasmic experience using these simple tantric love techniques. To check out my first video “How to start having tantric sex” ❤ How to shift to 5D consciousness ? 1:07 Why is […]

Harvard Research on Happiness – 14 Tips to Feel Happier and Fulfilled

Harvard study on happiness has shown the key points on how to always be happy in life (or most of the time). In this video I give you tips and tricks on how to use these key points Professor Tal Ben-Shahar’s positive psychology class is one of the most popular courses on Harvard. Happiness is […]

Use the Rubber Band Effect to work in your favor

Rubber band effect or Elastic band effect theory talks about what happens and why when we go to one side of extreme in our relationships, daily life and spiritual path and why it almost always creates a strong opposite effect In this video I talk about how understanding the rubber band technique can help in […]

How to build skills for healthy romantic relationships

How to build skills for healthy romantic long lasting relationships. How to remain loving and attractive one to each other. How to sustain a long commitment and a loving attitude towards each other over many years. This video is about finding harmony within and outside of your relationship. ……………….. To get more videos like this […]

The mistake I don’t like to admit I made

We all make mistakes- it is a part of life. Some of them are for our betterment, and some have to do with other people. As a teacher I sometimes test the limits of my students, and sometimes I overdo it… So here is a video of me explaining about a deeply regrettable mistake I […]

Daily mental exercise to become happy and productive

One daily mental exercise to help you become happy and productive How to become happy and stay in the state of happiness even when we get pressured by our crowded schedules? There is one mental, daily challenge trick to help you stay positive and happy and that is to increase your productivity. Basically, all negativity [...]

The only two questions you will ever need to know

Today’s subject is to bring up the two questions that you will ever need to answer. The reason for this is that these questions have so many answers and so many different perspectives in answering them that when you really have the answer you know that you are there – you have surpassed the phase […]

Top Breatharian FAQ – Part 2

Link to the first part – Top Breatharian FAQ – Part 1

Ray Maor – 528hz Full Theta Visualization Meditation (Live Recording From Workshop)

The following visualization has been recorded in August 2018 in one of Ray’s workshops. It uses 528hz bi neural bits that allows the brain go into the Theta state, which allows a stronger connection with your higher mind.

The triple A (AAA) – a new approach to abundance!

What do we want? The answer is quite a lot. We want love, we want respect and we want certain objects or certain people. Don’t stop yourself from wanting, but find the proper balance between wanting external things (the “having” phase) and the internal (the “being” phase). So I want to introduce to you the […]

How to perceive & break – the 10 most common irrational thinking patterns

Irrationality is the #1 cause of all negative experiences. In other words all of our issues are actually mental and depends on how we chose to perceive them. By irrational I do not mean insane, I mean thoughts that are out of context, are not in coherence with facts, are thinking patterns that we adopted […]

3 tips to upgrade your communication skills with anyone

From the world of NVC, which I had to learn many years ago to deal with a non-responsive and aggressive partner – I would like to present to you 3 best advices to master better communication between partners, colleagues, family members and more. Advice #1 is the one that allows us to see when we […]

Summary of Pranic Living Workshop USA – Phoneix 2018

This is a short summary of the last workshop we had in Phoenix with 55 participants.

Start using this single word – to truly change your life!


The Story of the Only One Soul

Who am I? Where do I belong? What am I part of? Where do I come from? All these are very viable questions which take lifetimes to truly answer. Do we each have a soul? A part of a soul group? A part of the one divine creator? Are there hierarchies of vibrations or just […]

Top Breatharian FAQ – Part 1

1. What is then your definition of Pranic living? 2. Is there a scientific explanation for breatharianism? 3. So why do people actually die of starvation? 4. If a person stop eating, doesn’t his digestive system degenerate? 5. What does it require to be able to become a breatharian? Is this for everyone? 6. Who […]


Home Why are we hear if not to gain more happiness and tranquility as human beings? But to achieve that, we need to understand both the biological mechanisms of happiness and the psychological aspects of it. In this video, I present to you with both of those things using an old concept in a completely […]

Energy Update August 2018

In a deep meditative state – Information starts to flow in more regularly and with it come lots of great insights. It seems like the winds of change are getting stronger and yet – life is becoming more and more simple as the human race shades its rough skin and transforms. The energetic gates of […]

Our spiritual ego – Why it is necessary to have a mentor!

I used to think that I can do everything by myself, I now understand that it was a part of my Ego’s plan to entrap me in an invisible prison of its own creation. I didn’t want to admit when I was mistaken and therefor my personal development wasn’t as quick as it could have. […]

How to start exercising – even though I’m passive!

Our comfort zone can define who we are. Let this post be a small reminder for you and perhaps motivate you in the right direction. If it’s too hard, and we are happy where we are in life- we rather not do anything about it and yet staying where we are isn’t making us happy. […]

Mastering the subconscious

They say that the subconscious mind has control of over 90% of our thoughts, our feelings and our behaviors. This means that our conscious mind, guarded by our ego- even though it thinks it has control, it really doesn’t. However, our behavior and beliefs change over time. Usually it takes some time for us to […]

How is fear is the base of our reality

We all know that the governing forces would like to keep us in a place where they have the most control over our thoughts and beliefs. This is why the news always tell you what’s wrong with the world and not what is postiive, this is why there are social standards that make you feel […]

How to accelerate my personal development

What is the difference between intending and willing to do something and simply wanting to do it? I want to be in perfect health, but do I intend to take the actions to get me there? I want to have more money, but do I intend on making the appropriate steps and preparations to help […]

12 different ways to conquer any fear

Overcoming Fear and Getting through fear is a skill that anyone can learn. Problem is that most of us have issues acknowledging that we are afraid of something. Afraid of dying? Afraid of being alone? Afraid of being homeless? Friendless? They are all viable types of fear. There are more subtle fears like fear of […]

Ray Maor Post Breatharian Integration – Phoenix June 2018

www.raymaor.com For all those that would like to receive Breatharian life style advice – watch this video 🙂

Am I of those who are ascending to 5D?

Home We are in the midst of the biggest change in humanity – the ascension process. I bet you are probably asking yourself “Why is this taking so long”? In the bigger picture, it really is quite fast. Ask yourself if you have changed in the last 2 years and by how much. You will […]

5 more things to give up immediately

After many of you have contacted me about the recent video I have made about removing obstacles from our body and mind to increase our vibration – I have decided to make another video to further investigate this subject.

Is my soul from here – why don’t I feel like I belong?

Home Earth suck sometimes. It can be a very negative place. Ever had that feeling that you don’t belong here? That this reality is a little weird for you? Into alternative healing? Conspiracies? Information of the beyond? This is not uncommon amongst star seeds, light workers, wonderers and many other names that have been given […]

How to reach a state of complete Effortlessness

Home Sometimes we don’t want to admit that we are trying too hard to get something, to achieve something. We don’t want to admit that we are the ones that have the control, that we are the ones that are telling ourselves stories. Stories we have been telling ourselves for so long that we started […]

Elitom El Amin – Breatharian, Abstinent World Travelling Nomad (Ray Maor Interview)

Home When I head that Elitom El Amin is travelleling from Egypt through Israel I understood I finally have a chance to meet this “elder” breatharian that has been in the practice for well over 18 years and interview him.

3+1 things to give up TODAY – to raise your vibration

Home Raising our vibration is an ongoing experience that has to do with our mental, spiritual, emotional and physical states. We cannot work on just one of them. It has to be all of them. We usually do the things that are easier for us and neglect others. If we are mental (logical thinkers), we […]

S3 Lecture 2 – Our limiting beliefs when it comes to money – free

S4 Lecture 4 – Six steps in conquering your fears and doubts – free

How to connect with your 2 types of inner child


How to shift to a 5D consciousness


You have to know – the 2 master pairs of spiritual development


What the Breatharian guides don’t want you to know…


Spiritual benefits of occasional CELIBACY




3 methods to use MORE THAN 10% of our brain.


Do I believe in Aliens? Is that a question?


My personal path of spiritual awakening

www.raymaor.com In the past, I didn’t like sharing to much of my personal life. I felt like my teachings are supposed to be a simplified version of my spiritual perspective put into words and don’t have anything to do with me personally. Today after 12 years since I’ve started walking my path of awakening to […]

How to easily align yourself with the universe!


Best advice on how to start your own channeling

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Why we have been stirred away from emotion

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4 Easy steps to get yourself back on track!




Who are the awakened masters?


Stop abusing the law of attraction and learn how to use it properly!


Story time boys and girls: “The Egg”


How to raise the frequency of your food.

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Ray Maor and Sasha interview about the power of manifestation!

How to cut down on my cell phone addiction!

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How to RETIRE at a young age.

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Stop Being Worried About Mother Earth


How to heal your EMOTIONAL EATING patterns.


How to use the Matrix to HEAL THE SYSTEM

Thais Gibson’s Collective Evolution Zoom Meeting With Ray

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Inspirational – How to Start Exercising More…

www.raymaor.com – join our community today… The subject of exercise keeps coming up and for good reason. Imagine a person living 400 years ago. How much did he walk? How much was he outside? How much did he use his body? Most of us sit in an office, drive a car and hardly use our […]

Energy Update – Feburary 2018

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How to deal with a Negative Partner

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Why men should definitely grow their hair!

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The great illusion of time and its effect on us

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Ray & James channel Crevon: Humanity’s shift to the light body

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A Real Body Detox – Enema or Salt Water Flush?

Many subscribers are asking me about enemas and other detox method. First I have to say – even though it is a subject that not many people bring up it is a very important one and let me explain why. Simply put: Our digestive system’s job is to break down and absorb nutrients. The colon […]

Women Are The Future of Humanity

Hi, my name is Ray Maor and today I would like to talk to you about why women are our future. I know it's coming from a guy and it's kind of weird to hear, but this is the difference in the energy that the earth is now receiving.The men's stage - the last 2000 [...]

Go Vegan Or Breatharian?

Hello my friends, Today I'm going to explain to you about the differences between vegans and breatharians. Many people ask me, what does it mean to be a breatharian and what does it mean for a normal person to become breatharian. Well, we need to start by understanding that there is a whole scale of [...]

The importance of forgiveness + exercise in forgiveness

How to Become a Breatharian

Breatharian Post Initiation Life Integration Tips from Ray Maor

Happiness is a choice! How to become more happy!

Life Style as a Breatharian – Conference in Norway – Sep 2015

How to manifest my desires – Conference in Norway Sep – 2015

How to reduce my ego

How to prolong my life (anti-aging \ longevity)

Health, toxins & cleansing of body and spirit