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A short daily mental exercise – with a huge impact!

All negativity in our lives is completely mental. When we have a negative thought, and then we believe that thought and start creating our story around it. Like sometimes we think that we are not worthy, other times we might think that we are failures or that there is no way we could accomplish something. […]

The only two questions you will ever need to know

Today’s subject is to bring up the two questions that you will ever need to answer. The reason for this is that these questions have so many answers and so many different perspectives in answering them that when you really have the answer you know that you are there – you have surpassed the phase […]

Top Breatharian FAQ – Part 2

Link to the first part – Top Breatharian FAQ – Part 1

Ray Maor – 528hz Full Theta Visualization Meditation (Live Recording From Workshop)

The following visualization has been recorded in August 2018 in one of Ray’s workshops. It uses 528hz bi neural bits that allows the brain go into the Theta state, which allows a stronger connection with your higher mind.

The triple A (AAA) – a new approach to abundance!

What do we want? The answer is quite a lot. We want love, we want respect and we want certain objects or certain people. Don’t stop yourself from wanting, but find the proper balance between wanting external things (the “having” phase) and the internal (the “being” phase). So I want to introduce to you the […]

How to perceive & break – the 10 most common irrational thinking patterns

Irrationality is the #1 cause of all negative experiences. In other words all of our issues are actually mental and depends on how we chose to perceive them. By irrational I do not mean insane, I mean thoughts that are out of context, are not in coherence with facts, are thinking patterns that we adopted […]

3 tips to upgrade your communication skills with anyone

From the world of NVC, which I had to learn many years ago to deal with a non-responsive and aggressive partner – I would like to present to you 3 best advices to master better communication between partners, colleagues, family members and more. Advice #1 is the one that allows us to see when we […]

Summary of Pranic Living Workshop USA – Phoneix 2018

This is a short summary of the last workshop we had in Phoenix with 55 participants.

Start using this single word – to truly change your life!


The Story of the Only One Soul

Who am I? Where do I belong? What am I part of? Where do I come from? All these are very viable questions which take lifetimes to truly answer. Do we each have a soul? A part of a soul group? A part of the one divine creator? Are there hierarchies of vibrations or just […]

Top Breatharian FAQ – Part 1

1. What is then your definition of Pranic living? 2. Is there a scientific explanation for breatharianism? 3. So why do people actually die of starvation? 4. If a person stop eating, doesn’t his digestive system degenerate? 5. What does it require to be able to become a breatharian? Is this for everyone? 6. Who […]


Home Why are we hear if not to gain more happiness and tranquility as human beings? But to achieve that, we need to understand both the biological mechanisms of happiness and the psychological aspects of it. In this video, I present to you with both of those things using an old concept in a completely […]

Energy Update August 2018

In a deep meditative state – Information starts to flow in more regularly and with it come lots of great insights. It seems like the winds of change are getting stronger and yet – life is becoming more and more simple as the human race shades its rough skin and transforms. The energetic gates of […]

Our spiritual ego – Why it is necessary to have a mentor!

I used to think that I can do everything by myself, I now understand that it was a part of my Ego’s plan to entrap me in an invisible prison of its own creation. I didn’t want to admit when I was mistaken and therefor my personal development wasn’t as quick as it could have. […]

How to start exercising – even though I’m passive!

Our comfort zone can define who we are. Let this post be a small reminder for you and perhaps motivate you in the right direction. If it’s too hard, and we are happy where we are in life- we rather not do anything about it and yet staying where we are isn’t making us happy. […]

Mastering the subconscious

They say that the subconscious mind has control of over 90% of our thoughts, our feelings and our behaviors. This means that our conscious mind, guarded by our ego- even though it thinks it has control, it really doesn’t. However, our behavior and beliefs change over time. Usually it takes some time for us to […]

How is fear is the base of our reality

We all know that the governing forces would like to keep us in a place where they have the most control over our thoughts and beliefs. This is why the news always tell you what’s wrong with the world and not what is postiive, this is why there are social standards that make you feel […]

How to accelerate my personal development

What is the difference between intending and willing to do something and simply wanting to do it? I want to be in perfect health, but do I intend to take the actions to get me there? I want to have more money, but do I intend on making the appropriate steps and preparations to help […]

12 different ways to conquer any fear

Home Overcoming Fear and Getting through fear is a skill that anyone can learn. Problem is that most of us have issues acknowledging that we are afraid of something. Afraid of dying? Afraid of being alone? Afraid of being homeless? Friendless? They are all viable types of fear. There are more subtle fears like fear […]

Ray Maor Post Breatharian Integration – Phoenix June 2018

www.raymaor.com For all those that would like to receive Breatharian life style advice – watch this video 🙂

Am I of those who are ascending to 5D?

Home We are in the midst of the biggest change in humanity – the ascension process. I bet you are probably asking yourself “Why is this taking so long”? In the bigger picture, it really is quite fast. Ask yourself if you have changed in the last 2 years and by how much. You will […]

5 more things to give up immediately

After many of you have contacted me about the recent video I have made about removing obstacles from our body and mind to increase our vibration – I have decided to make another video to further investigate this subject.

Is my soul from here – why don’t I feel like I belong?

Home Earth suck sometimes. It can be a very negative place. Ever had that feeling that you don’t belong here? That this reality is a little weird for you? Into alternative healing? Conspiracies? Information of the beyond? This is not uncommon amongst star seeds, light workers, wonderers and many other names that have been given […]

How to reach a state of complete Effortlessness

Home Sometimes we don’t want to admit that we are trying too hard to get something, to achieve something. We don’t want to admit that we are the ones that have the control, that we are the ones that are telling ourselves stories. Stories we have been telling ourselves for so long that we started […]

Elitom El Amin – Breatharian, Abstinent World Travelling Nomad (Ray Maor Interview)

Home When I head that Elitom El Amin is travelleling from Egypt through Israel I understood I finally have a chance to meet this “elder” breatharian that has been in the practice for well over 18 years and interview him.

3+1 things to give up TODAY – to raise your vibration

Home Raising our vibration is an ongoing experience that has to do with our mental, spiritual, emotional and physical states. We cannot work on just one of them. It has to be all of them. We usually do the things that are easier for us and neglect others. If we are mental (logical thinkers), we […]

S3 Lecture 2 – Our limiting beliefs when it comes to money – free

S4 Lecture 4 – Six steps in conquering your fears and doubts – free

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Do I believe in Aliens? Is that a question?


My personal path of spiritual awakening

www.raymaor.com In the past, I didn’t like sharing to much of my personal life. I felt like my teachings are supposed to be a simplified version of my spiritual perspective put into words and don’t have anything to do with me personally. Today after 12 years since I’ve started walking my path of awakening to […]

How to easily align yourself with the universe!


Best advice on how to start your own channeling

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Why we have been stirred away from emotion

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4 Easy steps to get yourself back on track!




Who are the awakened masters?


Stop abusing the law of attraction and learn how to use it properly!


Story time boys and girls: “The Egg”


How to raise the frequency of your food.

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Ray Maor and Sasha interview about the power of manifestation!

How to cut down on my cell phone addiction!

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How to RETIRE at a young age.

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Stop Being Worried About Mother Earth


How to heal your EMOTIONAL EATING patterns.

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How to use the Matrix to HEAL THE SYSTEM

Thais Gibson’s Collective Evolution Zoom Meeting With Ray

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Inspirational – How to Start Exercising More…

www.raymaor.com – join our community today… The subject of exercise keeps coming up and for good reason. Imagine a person living 400 years ago. How much did he walk? How much was he outside? How much did he use his body? Most of us sit in an office, drive a car and hardly use our […]

Energy Update – Feburary 2018

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How to deal with a Negative Partner

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Why men should definitely grow their hair!

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The great illusion of time and its effect on us

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Ray & James channel Crevon: Humanity’s shift to the light body

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A Real Body Detox – Enema or Salt Water Flush?

Many subscribers are asking me about enemas and other detox method. First I have to say – even though it is a subject that not many people bring up it is a very important one and let me explain why. Simply put: Our digestive system’s job is to break down and absorb nutrients. The colon […]

Women Are The Future of Humanity

Hi, my name is Ray Maor and today I would like to talk to you about why women are our future. I know it's coming from a guy and it's kind of weird to hear, but this is the difference in the energy that the earth is now receiving.The men's stage - the last 2000 [...]

Go Vegan Or Breatharian?

Hello my friends, Today I'm going to explain to you about the differences between vegans and breatharians. Many people ask me, what does it mean to be a breatharian and what does it mean for a normal person to become breatharian. Well, we need to start by understanding that there is a whole scale of [...]

The importance of forgiveness + exercise in forgiveness

How to Become a Breatharian

Breatharian Post Initiation Life Integration Tips from Ray Maor

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