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חדש מומחה צומות

Pranic Living Initiation Workshop - October 2023 Sedona USA

♦ The Only US Retreat in 2023
♦ October 18’th, 9 days, Sedona, Arizona
Limited to 35 participants

  • Experience Dry fasting under friendly supervision
  • Freedom from all dependencies including food
  • Maximize body potential while detoxing all that’s not needed anymore
  • Boosted and Expanded awareness
  • Increased level of Energy and Vitality 
  • Blissful sleep and feeling of freshness after waking up
  • Engage your manifestation muscle and learning how to use it in your favor
  • Experience true Mind Over Matter

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How To Prepare Yourself For The Process?

  • 1. There is no need to over-think or over-prepare the process. Just be excited and stay in the present moment!
    2. Once your mind is set to do it, you will feel some changes in your life begin to happen immediately. Many of those that sign up immediately feel a change in their relationship with food.
  • 3. Ray recommends reading more about other breatharians so your sub-conscious will start accepting the idea and your belief system will begin to shift.
    4. You can download Ray’s book for free here.
  • 5. You can begin practicing by doing short water fasts (24 hour). This is more of a mental & social preparation as you will see that it will become easier for you now that you are in tune with it.
    You will see that it will be more about how your respond to friends, colleagues and other people when you tell them we are fasting and building the habit of saying “No” to food occasionally.
  • 6. Start paying more attention and become aware of the the balance of our 4 body systems: physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. We will be working on balancing all four.
  • 7. Ray recommends that you do not start talking about it with everyone, as some people are simply not ready to handle the concept and can project their own fears and limiting beliefs onto you quite heavily. We have 2 unique workshops about integration just for that.
  • 8. A week before the Process the participants are asked to begin a raw food diet, this helps during the deep detox process.
  • 9. You will receive a detailed list of recommendations and preparations a month before the process.

The Schedule (Example):

Additional Workshops

  • Basic channeling workshop

  • A single day of Vipassana

  • Deep Ho'oponopono

  • Pranic energy workshop

  • Integration with the outside world (two parts)

Gradual fasting schedule

  • On the first day of the Process we only eat fruits.
  • On the second just drink juice.
  • The third day we only drink water.
  • Then we do 3.5 days of dry fasting.
  • For the last days we only drink diluted juices.

What To Expect After The Pranic Living Retreat

  • Reduced Caloric Intake

    On average participants reduce their caloric intake by 80%. Some more and some less, depending on the personal decision of the individual.

  • Freedom

    Participant receive the gift of independence – Being independent of food is one of the main reasons people decide to go through the process.

  • Save Money

    The process itself returns its investment after just a few weeks or months. After that time your food expense savings become huge. And of course these savings continue as food bills become insignificant, leaving more money available for amazing experiences, securing a home etc.

  • Reduced sleeping time

    On average the participant will sleep around two thirds of their previous sleeping time leaving more quality time that may previously have been lacking in their life. On average each participant has 4 to 5 hours free every day. The combination of less sleep and time on food related issues such as shopping, cooking, washing dishes etc’. means these hours can be used to do whatever you like… Work, meditate, yoga… Who can say no to more free time?

  • Clarity of thought

    After the body cleanse itself, for the first time, after a lifetime of toxic build-up, there is a feeling of lightness and clarity of thought. The opposite is true when just after lunchtime it is very hard for most people to focus. When we allow the body to stay clean for a prolonged period of time, thoughts become clear and a feeling of connection and awareness becomes powerful. The clean Consciousness helps the heart to expand.

  • Healing

    Some of the participants go through different physical healing during the process. However, It is highly individual.

  • Stamina, energy

    And extra cold heat resistance (happens to some of the participants) – all the energy that was once used by the body to digest is now utilized elsewhere.

  • Confidence

    The Process has been formulated in such a way that it takes each participant through interesting and powerful inner processes designed to highlight and break/eliminate any personal limitations. The participant finds out that he has a very strong inner strength and lots of positive qualities. This helps them to break any social paradigms and become extremely confident in their inner mastery.

  • Mind Over Matter

    A cessation of the feeling of hunger or thirst. If hunger does arise, then it is an indication that a negative emotion may be the cause and so helps it to be identified and resolved.

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    Cancellation Policy
    Deposits are non-refundable but transferable to any other future event that ray will hold.

    the Venue
    (Arabella Hotel, Sedona, AZ)

    Travel Arrangments

    When:   October 2023 (18’th-26’th)

    Where:  Arrabela Hotel is nested in Sedona’s amazing Red Rock monoliths where adventure awaits and you decide where life will take you. Tucked within eight acres of scenic Sedona and our own high-desert gardens, we are ideally located in Sedona’s Mountains.

    Check In: Please arrive at the hotel by noon (12:00pm local time). The first meeting starts at 14:00. We end the retreat at 14:00 on the last day. If you wish to come a day early or wish to stay longer, please let us know in advance.

    Closes Airport & Transportation options: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

    Travel time to Sedona: 01:50 hours


    Pool, public courtyard patio with firepit, breathtaking views of the rocks. To help you start your day right, we offer a state of the art fitness center.

    Outdoor adventure is always at your doorstep with inspirational vistas, miles of hiking and biking trails, archaeological wonders and endless recreational choices.

    Complimentary signature red bikes provided by the hotel.


    Event Coordinator Contact

    Grace Love, Process Advisor
    Whatsapp +61 (0) 415 066 990

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Do you really not eat and drink? 1:47

      2. Ray, what is your definition of Pranic Living?  8:14 

      3. What are the main benefits of living this way?  10:28 

      4. Is there a scientific explanation for Breatharianism?  17:05 

      5. So why do people actually die of starvation then?  27:46

      6. If a person stops eating, does the digestive system start degenerating?  33:00

      7. What does it take to become a breatharian? Is this for everyone? 36:49

      8. Who cannot be a breatharian?  40:11

      9. What does Pranic living have to do with the level of consciousness development?  41:52

      10. When and how did this practice arrive to western society? 45:35 



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