Special message for 11.11.18 – This Sunday an energy shift is occurring

Hi everyone.

I wanted to write about the coming energetic shift that is occurring on Sunday 2 days from now. The 11.11.18 gate is opening.

Most of you have probably felt that the last few weeks \ months have been intense – to say the least. This could have been felt at any level. You might have been physically tired or gotten sick. You might have become short tempered, angry and emotional for no apparent reason. You probably notices that things have shifted a little bit internally.

This is normal and you should just let it be. Just like earth’s rotation around the sun has created the seasons– there are energetic seasons, energetic peeks and energetic lows. We are approaching a very strong time of change. Anything that happens to us is an issue that we have not faced yet that is coming up to the surface to be displayed in the physical reality. You might think that things are changing slowly but on the larger scale of things – we are moving through it quite quickly. Just try to recognize the person you used to be 5 years ago and see how much you have progressed and have changed.

Some of you may think that “we have heard this before” and in fact you have. And in fact things have actually shifted on both personal and global levels. It is time to become more aware of the volunteer position we have taken upon this land and assume full responsibility for our state.

The best way to prepare yourself is to cleanse on multiple levels. Personally I’m entering a 3 day fast that will include easy physical exercises in nature, meditations and going to take everything real easy.

I suggest you do the same.

At the evening of 11.11 (this Sunday) I am going to focus my will and intentions on a better humanity and a positive shift. I am inviting you to join me remotely energetically and strengthen our service to others by using our collective power for the positive.



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