Tantric Thrills: Men's Beginners Guide To Tantra

Men's Guide to Sensual And
Multi-Orgasm Mastery
5 Week Digital Course

Embark on the ‘Tantric Thrills’ course and discover a world of heightened sensuality and intimacy. This exclusive guide is designed for young men ready to transform their intimate knowledge and impress like never before.

Discover Techniques to Becoming A Multi Orgasmic Men

Venture into ‘Tantric Thrills’ with Ray Maor, a bespoke experience for those ready to evolve their sensual capabilities. Over five weeks and 32 comprehensive videos, you’ll be guided on an enlightening path of Tantric wisdom.

Ray Maor brings you his expert teachings, elevating your intimate encounters and enabling a lifetime of exceptional experiences. This course is your step into a world of profound pleasure and connection, tailored specifically for the modern young man.

Unlock the Secrets of Tantra to Transform Your Sex Life

Delve into the core benefits that enhance intimate prowess and personal growth.

For Her & Your Pleasure

Master the art of prolonging your orgasms, embracing extended moments of bliss and connection.

Learn New Sexual Techniques

Refine your sensual skills with advanced practices that promise to enrich every encounter.

Spiritual Foundations

Discover spiritual techniques that are simple to learn yet profound in impact, enhancing both mindfulness and intimacy.

Commitment to Growth

Engage with practical exercises designed for those ready to invest effort into their personal and sexual evolution.

Relationship Enrichment

Learn to mend and grow your relationship, fostering deeper bonds and a renewed sense of partnership with your spouse.

Innovative Techniques

Impress and delight with creative new methods in bed, bringing joy and surprise to your intimate encounters.

Your Journey Through Tantra

Explore each week’s transformative lessons and exercises.

Week 1

Week 1

Week 2

The Chinese intake on ejaculation

The complete PC workout

Principles before your first tantric intercourse

The male multiple orgasm

The million dollar point exercise

The belief awareness exercise

Week 2

Week 3

Peaks and plateaus

Han SOLO part two

Small orbit exercise

Eye gazing

Sacred Sex principles and recommendations

Yab Yum – technique and positioning

Week 3

Week 4

Differences between male and female sexuality

Sexual communication

Female arousal

Bonus Video - Sex Toys

Awareness to the sense of touch

Sacred sex extras

Downtown methods!

Week 4

Week 5

Valley orgasms

Different kinds of female orgasm

Full body orgasm

Variety is key

Week 5

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Meet Ray Maor, Your Tantra Mentor

Ray Maor is a mentor whose life’s work is to guide others through the transformative power of Tantra. With a deep understanding of spiritual practices and a passion for helping others unlock their intimate potential, Ray has dedicated his journey to mastering and teaching the principles of breatharianism and Tantra.

His unique approach combines ancient traditions with modern techniques, making the profound wisdom of Tantra accessible to all. With Ray, you’re not just learning; you’re embarking on a transformative journey that will continue to unfold and enrich your life in unexpected ways.

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One Voice, Many Echoes of Change

Elevate Your Sensual Mastery

Dive into ‘Tantric Thrills’ Today

Unleash Your Potential

Delve into a world where intimacy and performance converge, with exclusive techniques for unforgettable experiences.


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Everything You Need to Amplify Your Sensual Experience

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Become the Master of Her Pleasure and Your Own Satisfaction

Step into ‘Tantric Thrills’ a transformative course designed for men who aspire to unlock the secrets of deeper, more satisfying connections. Each session guides you through the mastery of pleasure, teaching you how to intensify both your and her experience.

This isn’t just about learning; it’s about evolving and enriching your intimate life. With practical techniques and expert insights, you’re on the path to becoming the architect of unforgettable moments. Start now and be the change you wish to experience.

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