The corona madness – what you don’t think about

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Science doesn’t fully understand the world’s virus network.

The viruses in the air are not considered to be a living thing.

In fact they are small capsules of information that only arise
when a suitable host is found.


They cannot live independently.

They have been here since the beginning of life and they work in
collaboration with all animals.

We are surrounded by them and encounter millions of them every day.

Science sees them as parasites,

but the truth is they are more like a biological network of emails,

passing on information from place to place.

In every sneeze we dump about three million of them into the air space
that surround us.


On the viral virus email network of the planet It is estimated that there
are a number of viruses equal to the number of stars in the universe.

Which means there are billions of them hanging around every single
person who lives here.

They must be essential, otherwise we would not be able to survive without them.

The viruses and bacteria networks tell us what’s going on in the world,
they tell us what’s up with the people closest to us.

Our gut bacteria community is using the network to convey personal
messages from one another to another, and also messages that migrate
among humanity and cause great things to paper writing happen.

Let’s think about the possibility that they are powered by high and
unknown nature,a system that can make dramatic changes through our biology
and awaken dormant possibilities within humanity.

Imagine that system sending viruses of nationalist awakening to different
parts of the world, viruses that cause political changes, viruses that transmit
wisdom and knowledge that cause human development leaps, viruses that
raise awareness, maybe love…

During this period the viruses made headlines that this time the
system decided to come with a new power.
Perhaps to alter humanity for a little bit,
Soothe the frenzy and allow everyone to stay at home,
maybe to freeze all the wars,
maybe to remember things that really matter,
maybe to stop China from becoming an economic power that wants
to take over the world,
maybe to stop religious rule in Iran which is not good for the residents,
Maybe to show that there is no special protection for believers of the great religions …

And maybe for reasons we still don’t understand now but we’ll understand in the future.

I think we’re getting a message here from a system that isn’t really against us.
After all, children are hardly injured by the Corona virus network.

And the system sends a message of convergence and calm,
Few contentment, excessive production stops…

Stay home longer – strengthen your personal relationships,
and don’t be alarmed, because in the end they will find that the medicine was just under our noses:
Eat more vegetables and fruits, be in the sun, drink tea with ginger,
be more like children and practice meditation.

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