The Experiment That Will Leave You Speechless: Unraveling the Power of Hope

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In the world of science, there’s a fascinating experiment that sheds light on the concept of HOPE. It’s a study conducted in the 1960s, involving rats and water. These experiments, even though they would not be approved today – revealed something intriguing about the human condition.
In these experiments, rats were placed in a tank of water. Initially the scientists wanted to check when the rats will drown. So they let them get tired and eventually give up and die. They found that on averadge the rats survived for 15 minutes before drowning.
The second time they ran the experiment, the scientistic followed the rats as they were swimming trying to survive. When they saw they were almost depleted – they rescued them. They watered and fed them, dried them and gave them time to rest. Then they put them back in the tank and measured how long the rats survived.
Of this was not a scientifically supervised lab test – you wouldn’t believe the result. So the first rats died after 15 minutes. The ones that believed they were going to be rescued swam with determination and endurance and surviving for an additional 60 hours. Just because they knew that help might be on the way as they were rescued before. That is a crazy figure.

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