Top Breatharian FAQ – Part 1

1. What is then your definition of Pranic living?
2. Is there a scientific explanation for breatharianism?
3. So why do people actually die of starvation?
4. If a person stop eating, doesn’t his digestive system degenerate?
5. What does it require to be able to become a breatharian? Is this for everyone?
6. Who cannot be a breatharian?
7. What does Pranic living have to do with the level of consciousness development?
8. When and how did this arrive in western society?
9. What are the main benefits of living this way?
10. What are the biggest obstacles in becoming a breatharian?
11. So it’s just about food then?
12. Do you really not eat and don’t drink?
13. Is it dangerous?
14. Is the process difficult or painful?
15. How does this affect your relationships?

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