Go Vegan Or Breatharian?

Hello my friends,

Today I’m going to explain to you about the differences between vegans and breatharians.

Many people ask me, what does it mean to be a breatharian and what does it mean for a normal person to become breatharian. Well, we need to start by understanding that there is a whole scale of eaters.

There’s the people who eat everything. After that, there’s vegetarians, who don’t want to eat anything that has to do with animals, not in directly, just directly. Then there’s the vegans, then you have the raw foodists, then you have the 80-10-10. And then you have the fruitarians, which is the highest type of energy, or spiritual energy, that the trees actually offer for us to eat, not like the vegetables that are being torn from the ground. Then you have the liquidarians, who actually take the fruits or the vegetables, and they just drink it in liquid form, in a shake or with juice.

On another scale, we have the breatharians, the pranic livers or the sun gazers, people who actually teach their body how to be nourished more from energy.

Now, the biggest difference is that all of this scale, normal eaters, will actually get hungry. When they get hungry, they need to eat. And when they eat, they need to nourish their body with vitamins, minerals, carbs, many many different things.

Now the breatharians don’t get hungry any more. They don’t get thirsty any more. Now it doesn’t mean that they don’t eat at all, but they do eat occasionally. Some of them decide not to eat it all. I know only 2 of those in the world that also don’t drink any water.

Most of them eat occasionally. It can be twice a week, it can be once a week, it can be just fruits, it can be whatever. They find their own balance, but the point is that they don’t eat because they’re hungry, they don’t eat because they have to. It means that they don’t actually have to eat whatever it is that has nourishment for them. And that’s one of the wonderful things about being a sun gazer or a breatharian, unlike the vegan.

Now, from the statistics that I have from my own students, from the few hundred people that I’ve already thought, I see that most breatharians are already in a high enough level of compassion that they don’t really eat meat.

They usually come from vegetarian or a vegan type of diet anyway. Because the more a person reduces, the more he understands that he has more energy than before, and then he wishes to investigate.

And also think that the vegans and the vegetarians also more spiritually evolved because they say to themselves, I do not want to be a part of this murder or this type of energy that is in the planet right now. And I don’t wish to eat my friend. And my friend can be a dog, and my friend can be a cat, and my friend can be a cow or a chicken.

So most breatharians are vegan or vegetarian anyway to start with. And those that don’t start like that either make a bigger jump in the evolutionary scale, because afterwards, after the initiation of the workshop they don’t really want to go back to eating animals because they understand what it means to have a frequency inside the body and understand why it’s so heavy to eat an animal.

Or they just say no, I’m going to come back to exactly where I was. They just do the initiation, they enjoy it for the detox for the cleaning for the reset of the immune system, and then they go back to whatever they were before.

Another thing is that the breatharian is not really a template. It means that you don’t really expect every breatharian to just be something specific like a religion. It’s more like any other person who chose to live his life in a very unique lifestyle.

I can tell you that they usually will be stronger than others because it takes a strong character to remain consistent in this lifestyle. It’s not about the physical body as much as it is about the social aspects. Your mother, your grandmother, your friends. Being able to sit with everybody and not have to always eat with them and knowing how to say “No” and persist with yourself, you need a stronger character.

So I wouldn’t say that a breatharian is like a … a lot of people look at me and say oh, this is how a breatharian should be. You should work out, you should not eat animals… but it’s not true. I know many breatharians that do, and they don’t have this high state of compassion and they don’t have a body that they work out. There very very lean, they don’t do any yoga, they meditate a lot, are more connected with nature… or not.

So when I think about a vegetarian or vegan, we always have this concept of a person that is fighting for animal rights. And it’s sort of the truth. But with breatharians, it’s completely different. There’s people from IT, from real estate and there’s spiritual people. Sometimes there’s kids that are 18-19 years old, and sometimes there’s 7o years old, which is amazing.

So the biggest difference, like I said, is first in the group of vegan and vegetarian you still get hungry. You still have to balance your body. You still have to eat much more… at least once or twice a day, maybe 3 times. With a breatharian, you’re just free of that. You get another level of freedom if you desire. And I think most of the people that want to do this, they understand that they want more of life.

They don’t come from a negative aspect of their life, wanting to fix it or the relationship with food. But they come from a positive, wanting to explore more about themselves.

So think of much for watching me. My name is Ray Maor. You can find more videos or workshop schedule on the site.

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