Why you should clean your colon?

Why you should consider cleaning your colon

Keeping our gut clean and healthy is a basis for our overall health and well-being. In this article you will find more information why this is so important. You will also learn how to do a body detox and how it all links back to Pranic living. Fasting is one tool that can help with  keeping your gut clean. We will also talk about water enemas and how you can do them in the comfort of your home.

Before we start, I must warn you and say that you might not like what this topic is talking about. And images are gross, I know.

Nevertheless, it’s still important to talk about it and be aware of the issues associated with unhealthy gut.

What is a clean gut?

The following video shows the true colon endoscopy of both normal and diseased individuals. You can actually SEE the problems right there!

Medical doctors perform Endoscopy (looking inside) by using the endoscope tube or new pill cameras.

Endoscopy through mouth using endoscope
The old way – using tube
Endoscopy using pill camera
The new way – using camera pill

What is that in my bowels?!

Many people have secondary health problems that perhaps originate from an unhealthy gut. Below images show the connection with some common illnesses and the colonoscopy photos taken that show the possible connection

Is there something I can do to help my colon stay healthy?

It is not that the disease creates the bacteria and waste products. Quite contrary, it is the waste products that help manifest the disease. Images above are from colonoscopy sessions with regular people proving that this can happen to anyone at anytime.

If you are still here reading this article, the good news is that I created a video that talks about a Real Body Detox – enema or salt water flush.

I usually receive many questions about how to clean the colon and detox our body. Making a short video with detailed instructions seemed like a good idea.

Here it is folks! Clear as day.

How is this all connected to Pranic Living?

My team and I are running a 10 day Pranic initiation course all over the world. People come and join us to start working on and clearing out their undesirable residues, both physically and mentally. Participants go through a long dry fast with the right exercises and intention that combined help body clean itself naturally. It is a healing process in a supportive environment.

Currently scheduled events can be found here – Pranic Living Initiation workshops

Is this backed up by science?

There is lots of evidence that many chronic metabolic diseases start developing in the gut. Different gut bacteria residing in our digestive system plays a crucial role here.

According to numerous studies, bacterial products (endotoxins) can pass through the bowel cell linings and enter our bloodstream. The immune system then recognizes these molecules as invaders and lunches an attack. These attacks can result in a chronic inflammatory response and permanently inflamed state.

Continuous inflammation may trigger insulin resistance issues (associated with diabetes), leptin resistance (obesity), fatty liver disease and is linked to many other serious diseases. The number and composition of gut bacteria can greatly affect our health, both physically and mentally. Gut is being called our Second Brain today and for a good reason as well! All this means that having a very unhealthy gut can potentially influence how we feel in our body. It makes it easier when we finally realize where to start looking for a culprit instead of dealing only with secondary symptoms.

Studies in both animals and humans have shown that an unhealthy diet can increase the amount of endotoxins found in the bloodstream. This increase may be a driving force for a metabolic disease.

4 Steps to get you started

By doing a bit of a research in your spare time and by following these steps you should be able to start detoxing your body without any serious side-effects

  1. Clean your colon (research which method resonates best with you).
  2. Use whole plant based foods which contain lots of fiber. Extra fiber can help scrape off the bad stuff out of your system.
  3. Occasionally detox your body. There are many ways how to do this and you can find most of them on my Ray Maor – YouTube channel.
  4. Join one of our workshops. You can do this in a safe environment with the help and guidance of our trained staff. You can find the list of current workshops here – Pranic Living Workshops

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