Pranic Living Workshops


The Pranic  Living Process’s complete formula will provide you with the best body-mind detox that the world has to offer allowing an expansion of consciousness which will break down your boundaries and limitations forever.  All in just 10 days.

“The Process is short, inexpensive and creates bonding, friendship and support amongst the participants that can only come with this kind of experience.  It combines scientific and spiritual information and allows the participant to develop the ability to expand beyond their own limitations.  The participant will be able to experience the body-mind changes as a new awareness from  a higher frequency of existence arises within them”.

I have created a unique process that allows individuals to explore their inner mastery and opens their chi energy flow forever. The process integrates knowledge, experience and deep a very deep cleansing. The process is sometimes done to change our lifestyle and at other times individuals want to do it just as a once in a lifetime life changing experience!

Join the life changing process that will bring you the highest degree of body detoxification, anti aging, maximum health benefits, lots of free time, will open your energy centers, increase your happiness & awareness levels and so much more!




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