Soul, Spirit and Savings Book

Soul, Spirit and Savings Ebook

-- The hitchhiker's guide through spirituality and materialistic desires --
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I wrote this book to help everyone on a spiritual path to find a good balance between Spiritual and Materialistic worlds.

Successful fusion of invisible and visible ideas around abundance is mostly dependent on one’s perception about money

  • Do you think that money is dirty?
  • Or that you don’t need it to be happy?
  • How much do you think you need?
  • Is money the root of all evil?

All this and much more is covered in this book.

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Table Of Contents

  1. Why I Wrote This Book   7
  2. The Value of Reading this Book   10
  3. Spiritual or Materialistic? Why Not Both?  13
    • Spirituality in the Modern Age  15
    • Enough is Enough   18
    • Living in the Moment vs. Wanting What’s Next  29
    • The Success That goes to Our Heads  30
  4. The Instruction Manual for Your Awakening  36
  5. The Five Levels of Spiritual Awakening  36
    • First Stage of Awakening: The Stage of the False-Self  37
    • Second Stage of Awakening: The Stage of Questioning  38
    • Third Stage of Awakening: The Stage of Introspection   41
    • Fourth Stage of Awakening: The Stage of Resolution   46
    • Fifth Stage of Awakening: The Stage of Conscious Creation   49
  6. The Materialistic Limitations of the Spiritual Advocate  57
    • Less is More  62
    • Money is the Source of All Evil 71
    • Money Flows  74
  7. Achieving True Balance  77
    • The Physical Body   79
    • The Emotional Body   79
    • The Spiritual Body   81
    • The Mental Body   82
    • Finding your balance  84
  8. The 29 Characteristics of the Spiritually Awakened   85
  9. Handling Emotions on a Spiritual Level 127
    • Between the Highs and the Lows  128
    • Type I. What Comes Up Must Come Down   129
    • Type II. Indifferent and Suppressed   130
    • Type III. The Spiritually Awakened   133
    • Allowance and Expression   136
    • The Vibrational Level of Our Emotions  139
    • Acceptance  151
    • The Spring Effect  153
  10. Mind Mastery   160
    • The Comfort Zone  160
    • Understanding Mind Mastery   162
    • Your Subconscious Mind   165
    • The Power of Words  168
  11. Manifestation from a Spiritual Point of View    172
    • How Can You Use This Chapter?  175
    • The Concept of Frequency and Vibration   179
    • The Real Law of Attraction   181
    • The Seven Step System    184
    • Intuition   190
    • Assuming Full Responsibility   194
    • Gratitude  198
  12. Irrational Thinking Patterns That Keep You from Achievement  201
  13. Summary   216
  14. About The Author  218


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