How To Overcome Difficulties While Fasting

How To Overcome Difficulties While Fasting

Doing a dry fasting, intermittent fasting or even a water fasting can surface up some difficulties that will make fasting look difficult and make you want to stop it before finishing. There will be a lot of body detox, mental detox and food cravings coming to the surface and looking for a quick solution. In this video I talk about what issues you can expect and how you can ease the effects on your body and mind and make the process more enjoyable. It’s all about the balance and taking small baby steps.

The best way to experience dry fasting is within a supportive group of like minded people. The energy of the group and a guide is important part of the process. My team and I organize workshops all around the world and you can join one if you want to learn more and heal your relationship with food and lower your footprint here on Earth

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