Pranic Living Testimonial – Diana [2017]

With the process itself, there were days where it was really easy, there were days where I had incredible energy, and, you know, there were some very tough days!

I definitely realized how strong I am. I learnt a lot about reality, about mind over matter, a lot about clearing emotions.

The daily physical exercise was fantastic to keep us all grounded. It truly has been a transformational process.

I did quite a bit of research before starting the course, but no matter how much research you do, you really don’t know what part of you is going to show up, and what questions you have, what doubts you have.

When you come to the 10 Day Process you really don’t know what’s going to come up inside of you. And really, this is a process. To truly transform yourself you have to ‘unturn’ every rock, and you have to look at it – there’s no escape, but it’s a fantastic process.

Ray has been an incredible guide and mentor, instructor, friend. He’s really funny, and just his perspective on everything is just incredible. Very liberating. I think his teachings have been liberating and he really does cover every aspect, you know? The physical, emotional, mental, spiritual sides, all those aspects are covered in this process, so it’s been incredible.

I’ve definitely changed from this process. It’s going to be interesting how life’s going to be when I get back home. I already have so much more clarity. I have a passion for life. I have a different viewpoint of how to approach certain things in life now that I didn’t have before.

So, yeah, I think this is going to be a beginning of some new, exciting phase of my life, yeah…

So, thank you, Ray!


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